Atlas + Krelos = Good or bad?

Enfeeble + a dragon that takes 30 seconds to run a base… come on guys -__-

Its not trying to make people not use it as how can you expect them not to , it is more just crappy mechanics.

Let me expand on this…enfeeble was created to “deter” high level teams from hitting low level teams. Right, so in doing so you create a mechanic that does not ACTUALLY solve that issue and instead also creates a dynamic where teams of supposedly more equal strength use it on each other…essentially nullifying its entire supposed means of existence. High level teams still hit low level teams for the record, so went through all this and the issue is not even solved.

So, like all things…rather than fix the core issue, a broken mechanic is then stacked on top of it… @PGNines this has been done time and time again.

It’s the best idea but can you please explain why it’s bad. Couldn’t get the reason.

I think maybe someone has been running down his base a lot with krelos.


Uhh…dunno what ya mean…Krelos is like the best thing to happen to war dragons in a while. And if he can clear a live base in 30 seconds something is wrong with that base or he’s way above you. 30 seconds is invader realm lol


When people snipe around, they get enfeebled and then Krelos kills them before they end the run. I don’t see any reason why this would be bad. Snipping will need to refurbish itself or it will get extinct. Which, if you ask me, isn’t a bad thing.
And yes, I was on the both sides, but I don’t complain. What’s good for Minou should be good for Pitou too.


Its a problem that happens a lot in this game, constant contradiction.

Teams of supposedly equal strength are supposed to fight each other, but then you give them enfeeble plus a dragon that takes 30 seconds to clear a base.

Attacks are already a bit broken as they are based on simply who quits/finishes first.

Do you not know what enfeeble does?

Tbh I like this part.

I can rearticulate…the problem is mostly enfeeble, Krelos exacerbates the issuse. But teams of relative strength should not be able to enfeeble each other…realistically enfeeble is an outdated mechanic in general.

Maybe its not then, enfeeble wars with Krelos is good?

Changed the title…maybe its a good thing…dont fly the base, just enfeeble and wipe

It will never be extinct haha, will it adjust a bit sure, but more mechanics that dissuade a quality of action seems like a bad ideaa?

I dont think either side should, but thats me I guess…maybe its a good thing, people will adjust, but people usually its to find an even more painful method thats disliked?

We all know the answer to that: of course not ! But we also know that enfeeble is around since the start of Atlas, I don’t see why this would be a problem now. Enfeeble has a cooldown, so… plenty of time to kill Krelos when defended.
Krelos is a speedy sorcerer, yes, but defended he dies like a fly on a windshield.

Never really looked into it, I always assumed it reduced your primarch stats not actual base power and difficulty.

Also, dies from lightning and ice turret real easy

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At least saying its a problem is the start I guess lol. Not saying it will change but if people dont say its an issue, it wont get there.

It actually hasnt…it was a “solution” to a different problem they literally never solved…of high level teams hitting low ranked ones.

I agree, more the point was…the game already has a lot of contradictory mechanics that actually offset things from skillful action, adding more on top of it just seemed like a step in the wrong direction.

I get the benefit of it and why people do, enfeeble was already a bit of a broken mechanic, why exacerbate the issue.

No it literally nerfs the entire bases power. So say you have a 100b power base, it becomes 1b after an enfeeble lol

Yea that’s pretty nuts lol :sweat_smile:

I mean…not saying it has or has not happened, but if someone spent say $50k on their base and with the click of a button it became worthless…people could definitely create an argument that would end with them getting their money back from the marketplace that processed said transaction.

Anyhow, I just meant enfeeble is already broken…why make it worse? I dont think they will actually change enfeeble…or Krelos, but saying its broken and should possibly be reworked or removed is at least a starting line I guess.

I used enfeeble since the start of the Atlas and there was always a “tough guy” who came to snipe and got his butt hurt when I enfeebled him, then he came back and killed me when the enfeeble cooldown was in place. So in a way it was and it is a who-gets-who and Krelos doesn’t change anything to this. Only that during the enfeeble, the attacker is killed faster. Which isn’t a problem, because anyway the end result is the same.

For sure, Im saying its a broken mechanic that is now even further exacerbated, Im not saying Krelos is the defining issue, it just accentuates a broken mechanic even further. Said broken mechanic should probably be reworked.

Also…idk what you mean by tough guy…but as far as I can tell, enfeeble has not even stopped the thing it was supposed to deter.

You already said it in another post - tough guy = high level player attacking lower, just because he can. And you also are right, the enfeeble thing didn’t act as a deterring mechanism either. Because a lot of people, proof in this thread, don’t even know what enfeeble does and that there are “levels of it”.

It’s something that should be reworked, since it doesn’t even deter the thing it was supposedly built to do is all. Granted, no mechanic exists to fully prevent “tough guys”, but this just clearly is not it.

So, to answer your question, I would say that Atlas + Krelos is good AND bad, depending on what side you are (giving or receiving). And if the answer is such, then it shouldn’t be either good nor bad. It just is and everyone will learn to live with it. Or at least I know I will.

For sure… I just think people should not have to learn to live with it…like events that are unplayable haha.

I find Enfeeble a pretty balanced feature tbh . It has a cooldown of 10 mins and u can enfeeble 1 player only . More than an antisniping tool I dont find it problematic . We all know this doesnt affect major battles with 20 M enemy troops in one castle cause only one player might be wiped .

…: did I forget to mention enfeeble doesnt work with lots of enemy troops in a castle ?!

Then combo enfeeble + krelos = well thanks god maybe ? Krellos is not an OP or a successful dragon against real bases . You could say same if hitter would use Marlis , another speedy dragon .

When things are seen from the hitter’s side everyone would be mad at when being wiped , but see it from the defender’s side , there are not many mechanics to counter attack successfully . So can we save these small things but important to defenders ?


Sounds like someone’s just mad his troops got killed :man_shrugging: