Atlas lag is back?

am i the only one with atlas lag back? loading/moving around the map sometimes takes 20 seconds to load a castle primarchs for targeting.


Atlas lag never stopped


It’s literally terrible today


lag peaks during the Glory Hunting event…don’t travel with so many troops and refresh after each attack

thats not a solution.

i can tell a difference because i live in atlas daily. today if you move across the map, or try and load from normal game to atlas mode, its anywhere from 2-15 seconds of delay before you can load details of a castle.


You also have to keep in mind that ALL of gold league was added recently so that doesn’t help anything

did you at least try it because it is worth a shot…I don’t have any issues with lag because I expect it and I take my time

Gold 1 and above, not

Yes. I am having issues with it today. It has been much better in my opinion but now I can hardly get an attack off before I’m getting countered. A real punch in the parts below


Yes have seen a distinct uptick in the lag since bubble drop. Maybe they forgot to reconfigure the servers to reset for non-pvp demand while they’re on vacation.

  • Simple tasks like summoning and building troops often takes two attempts.
  • Speeding a summon with diamonds forces a resynch
  • Moving requires multiple attempts and then tells you you’re already there
  • I’ve seen the same primarch get waved 3 times with the same troop numbers on it. I pitied those hitting it and coming up empty lol.

Been experiencing it since last night. Slow loading and forced restarts. Even loading the map after moving to different sections is slow. On and off wifi. Tried all the restarts and airplane mode stuff but no improvement.

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I had a bad experience when trying to join a raid once …. It didn’t go so well my game literally was like want a crash? Too bad I’m crashing anyways that and here’s insult to injury move lag and delays. Literally I was literally in nml and I was think oh crap is someone going to hit me???

Todays been the only day I’ve seen lag in a long time. Serious difficulties somewhere……. ETA on fix 6-12 months. We’ll receive no updates. But it’ll get done.

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It’s back? Then they fixed it :joy::rofl:

Same problems for myself and lots of teamates. Playing the game in the current state is aggregating to say the least.

I want to snipe and attack in atlas, but this lag and sync errors makes me want to throw my phone across the room

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Glad I read this.I thought it was my phone and connection again.

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I thought it was just me. Glad to see it’s not. Lag hasn’t been this bad in awhile . Pg probably “fixed” something


It was always back lol

getting kicked from the atlas most of them are after attack/gold run/opening atlas🤣


I have had issues with trying to donate gold to the team bank. Lots of lag over the last couple of days - I live in atlas too and have never experienced this type of lag before.

I know PG - it is not your server, but everyone elses’ ISP - but there must be something you can do?