Atlas Lag is completely ridiculously and is an unplayable game

When is pg gonna fix this damn lag shit. Teams are losing castles cuz attacks aren’t counting cuz the damn lag is so bad. I can do 5-6 hits and have 0 count but the enemies attacks are counting against a teams castle guards and the enemies taunters I have hit multiple times ARE STILL LOADED with 0 troops missing.

This game is becoming a damn joke cuz you guys still haven’t fixed this lag issues that you supposedly “fixed” multiple times. Get your shit together

While I do agree that there is lag, when I use atlas, it’s not to the extent that I can’t do anything and there are errors.


usually isn’t

They will address the lag issues soon :laughing:

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Yes what the op mentioned happens almost daily
And no you can’t do anything in that situation.

I’m not sure why we, the player base have to work around the bugs and other problems in the game. That never made sense to me. Like if I have to do X, Y, and Z to make the game playable why exactly am I playing it?