Atlas lag is Horrendous

The Atlas lag has become a major issue with many of the game players…We Dragon Lords frankly dont appreciate it as specially us who have invested tons of money into the gameas as well the time the players invest.

Every time you try and go Aligane it is so congested with players the game literally locks up on my tablet. It’s like the game cannot keep up with the amount of players going to the same spot.
I’ve went to other areas where there were not as many primarchs and the lag is not as bad but even castle attacks the lag makes it impossible to click on a primarch and hit em quick its terrible.

Please fix this problem


Agreed, the lag to even heal/build troops or claim event prizes is lagging now. I’m just doing the bare minimum in Atlas till it’s fixed.


i agree trying to move with like 20 people on the castle sucked and 6 teams with like 2 players from each it would not move into the castle can travel safe zones but not into lands at times


A team based map that can’t support team based movement……Lmao

It’s almost like movement and open engagement on that map is the problem!
Oh yeah that’s right it is ……

They can’t kill the lag monster they created until they rework the mechanics of engagement and to do that you would need a singular core objective to provide balanced engagement supported by position based conflict.

And lag will only get worse as they add complexity to our secondary attacking and defending mechanics when the actual real issue is the core objective :man_shrugging:

These stupid castles created lag and no amount of complexity or expansion of that map will make defense a viable objective :+1:
It will produce massive lag though……


Attacker has quit battle…no he didnt, also his connection is just fine. Also like 30% of banners are missing, they never show up to you.

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Apple or Android?

My iPad works perfectly in Atlas, Aligane included :man_shrugging:


im on ios and it gave me major issues going to a castle with a couple teams parked and each team had like a 2/3 players yesterday today its fine but yesterday was bad

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Tablets normally seem to run WD a little worse than phones I feel, especially with atlas. Lag hasn’t been a huge factor for me recently though tbh

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Can’t build troops, game force closes most times I speed a troop slot.
" Sorry for interruption blah blah… "
Can’t claim event or atlas prizes from events and branches. Always getting force closed.
Can’t claim the troops I built,
Atlas doesn’t load.
" Failed to set up atlas blah blah "
Move to a crowded castle, game force closes. Come back and I’m already dead.
Takes ages for me to get intona battle, again, I’m already dead or trapped, which would just worsen my delay.
I have enough gold and diamonds and bullhorms
" Can’t build troops, not enough resources "…

The list is many. The lag is horrible.

Takes eons for me to load troops on Android.
By the time I load troops, my teams already bubbled three castles…

Summon prims and speeding up their summon sometimes force closes my game.

Failed to move…
I stay away from aligane as my phone freeze every time I go there


Anyone move to a castle where a bunch of people at and game lags so bad you’re being attacked and shows you aren’t even there

I think they need to do a sweep of all players troops/prims not on a team. Put them in barracks and off the map. One of the castles near Aligane has almost 8 mil troops. Another popular one i found has 5 mil troops. I feel that may free up some server space?

Second image is castle outside of Aligane, 762 teams there so there’s the source of your lag too


You mean the pointless glory swapping at aligane ……yes that’s a major source of lag ……

If we had a actual objective and used position based attacking you would not see one castle holding 762 teams creating lag nor would players from all over be streaming into one location to attack each other pointlessly……

Attacking would have a actual objective and would be done tactically by small groups spread across the map instead of mega alliance lag sweeping into every battle and lagging it into oblivion!

Lag is the result of a unviable core objective supported by open engagement that kills player retention and lags the map into unplayability……

Where is the state of flow :man_shrugging:


Pretty sure lag was fixed last I knew……. Wait……… wait ……… wait …………… yep all good.

In all seriousness atlas is a joke and not enjoyable on any level in its current state :kissing_heart:

Here are the steps.
1-You suffer severe lag to the point the game is unplayable
2- you submit a ticket
3- they blame your equipment and want you to do everything except run new lines for the cable company
4-they send out an update and the lag is gone
5- help desk still blames your equipment :joy:

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