Atlas lag is ridiculous

What in the world is going on with all the lag lately? You can’t have more than 3 teams on a castle or it takes 30 min. to even be able to move your prims around. This is ridiculous. Everyone is always talking about how stagnant atlas is but when you try to actually do anything, you can’t!


Maybe this is PGs way of “solving” the mega alliance problem .


lol then that is a poor solution.


Been this way since the last update. I can make 3 hits on guards with 30k troops. Wait about 10-15 minutes for the hits to register.

And I have to wait another 10-15 minutes before I resummon or the late hits due to lag will then wipe out my newly loaded troops.


@PGEggToken Is there any word on when atlas movements will work as normal, castle attacks work as normal. I have hit the same guy on a castle 3 times and neither of us loss troops. Just to move to a castle I have to force close the game. I did submit a ticket and got the canned response of “The team is aware” Well great!
My question is why are you making “improvements” to current atlas with new atlas shuffle 19d 3h away?
I want to apologize for my sarcastic tone, but this is more then frustrating. Since the last update atlas is almost non playable. Yes I can do invader runs, but as far as attacking PVP its abysmal! Why not down atlas again until PVP works correctly?


Hey thats a better response than the one I got. I got the delete app and reload load, toggle portrait bla bla bla response. Then the support person told me that having more than 3 teams on a castle can make things “congested”


I am guessing the reload didn’t work :scream:

Honestly I didn’t bother… because I did it yesterday. And I dont think me personally deleting app etc. will fix this issue game-wide. Unless for some reason I am the lynchpin to all atlas. In that case I will do it daily. I aim to please the masses.

Its shocking that all these errors are happening after the latest update. Even thou the shields were kept up extra long due to issues. Its like they dropped the shields just to shut up players and left the bugs in :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:
I am getting beyond frustrated

People are losing castles due to this lag. :pensive:

The contrary :joy: they are not losing. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Atlas burns, while PG fiddles.

Copied from another forum.

Last night I went to assist another castle. It took 30 minutes and 5 hard reboots, including a complete reboot of my iPad (none of that assisted) to get to a castle under fire. Once there, I was apparently hit and killed (in my attempt to get there before I got to see that I was there) and my primarch was killed. It then took 27 minutes for that to update in the game. Meanwhile, I was (pretty sure) I was dead, but couldn’t do anything as I couldn’t heal the primarch and return, and I couldn’t assist.

So the question really is, if there is a known glitch and we all know it’s a glitch, and teams are taking advantage of that known glitch, are PG complicit in aiding and abetting cheaters ?


and while you shouldn’t shoot the messenger … do laugh at PG’s response to me …

“stay away from congested areas”.

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Currently defending a friendly 5ta in atlas and it is taking 8 minutes for the system to recognize the move request. Then suddenly arrives there no travel time. Prim being hit and killed but no troops lost for another 8 minutes so team mates wasting hammers etc on my base because it’s already wiped but server hasn’t removed the prim yet.
This is rediculus. It’s not just me. Many people on my team. Please fix this! @PGGalileo can you forward to the appropriate people? This is making it unplayable


Agreed this is getting out of control. My team was just under attack and I have a 5 minute video of me trying every 1 minute to hit the move button and nothing. Sure we can defend and we did, but we can’t reload to prevent guard hits because they came stacked (good on them). I’m not sure PGs software development team structure, but imo the team focused on land reshuffle needs to pause development and fix current production issues. I hope the dev team is not working off this current code base for their development :see_no_evil:


disable the lovely PvP

how many more nerves do we need to lose?

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@PGEggToken why the silence ?

they dont answer because they dont care about the players and the game is just a big accumulation of shitty bugs


@PGGalileo @PGEggToken instead of creating useless functions like auto pilot, can y’all fix the damn atlas before you do land shuffle? I can’t even get to the adjacent castle on the same land of the castle being attack, NOR the NML or safe zone out side of the castle under attack. What kind of fuckery is this??? It’s beyond unplayable.