Atlas lag makes the game less fun

Hello. Let me start by introducing myself. I am tinbru on the team anglesndemonds. This is my story.
As pvp shields came down today I attempted to snipe a team, the lag in the battle was horrendous making the flight nearly unplayable. I said whatever it is what it is and decided to go help some 5ta members. This was a mistake. It took me 5 try’s to summon my prim, after getting kicked out of the game it finally worked. Great! I said I can finally help my friends! I was wrong. I attempted to move to the hot castle and my game was unresponsive. Finally after calling it quits I came back with a snack, only to find my prim finally moving to the castle. A solid 6 minutes after I sent the move order. Needless to say the fighting was over by then.
Edit. I have since attempted to help another friendly team, I have hit the same prim 3 times, nether of us have lost any troops.
Edit 2. I have since restarted my game, as have others on my team and the atlas banner is missing.

@PGEggToken @PGGalileo is there any way you can look into the lag issues of this game? I’m assuming it some kind of err on your end. I have no troubles with any other game or network activity I do. I’m not sure if it’s a server problem, an efficiency problem or a wider issue but this makes the game unplayable.


At least you can get into atlas, the whole icon just disappeared for me a few minutes ago after I did a few hits. Have to agree though the lag makes everything significantly less fun

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Yes I had to keep opening and closing the game for functions to work

Same problem here. Move takes many attempts and several minutes to work. PG needs to test somewhere busy like Aligane.

Great part is no atlas icon but defend self and teammates are there it’s lovely

I sooooo agree. We made a raid around 30 minutes after maintenance shield dropped. Many of our mates lost access to atlas before raid, some lost it during the raid. I attacked the same prim 3 times and neither him nor i lost troops.

Took us 45 minutes to bubble 2 castles while they didn’t drop shield and barely responded (20 minutes for the first castle while there was a taunter 60k loaded we waved at start, and we hit CG, and they didn’t responded at all …)

thats because you had to refresh after your hit lol force close its crap which should not of had to!! some had access some did not which hits still was going when folks did lose the icon

I’ve been experiencing a lot of lag recently. It’s especially bad when I’m trying to move my prim to a castle being raided.

It seems like the lag has gotten better. Folks still having issues?

yes on moving to a castle i had to close out for it to move but hitting is fine

1 moved to nml
2 tried to move to castle hit it 3 times
4 loaded back up and was at castle so there is still some lag not much

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Alright, keeping an eye on it.

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Lag seems to flare up whenever there are multiple teams at a castle. Sniping is fine, but larger multi team engagements (which I personally find fun) break the game.

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Ah, yes - I think we call this “Contention Lag” - we’re aware of its existence, for sure.


Thank you for looking into it :slight_smile:

I don’t think you kept an eye on it.


I second that…: seriously… please prior going further… fix that damn atlas… more than 10 primes involved… and you can t even reach the castle it s getting ridiculous, even swaps have a serious 5 minutes delays before attack actually counts.

If you expect us to be more active in atlas.:: which would be awesome… I feel like main priority would be that the game can actually run when people fights… and we re far from it…

And several conquers have been aborted due to lags / or glitch with that conquer button…

Please… fix those servers so it can work with today atlas activity, prior trying to make atlas more active… with a server that is already unable to work correctly :confused:


@PGGalileo it’s definitely still majorly lagging. I’ve been at a castle for a team that disbanded and have hit their castle guards 17-20 times now without getting any glory or losing any troops. I had to go to four different castles just to get to one because the other three, my prim wouldn’t move at all onto their castle. I have a video if you need an example. Please let us know when this might be fixed :sweat_smile: thank you very much :pray:t3:

Luckily you ve actually been able to join the castle… we re still stuck in nml… and can t go forward…

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After tonight I can say, without any hesitation, the game is still very laggy.

P.S you’re about to get a lot of hate after tonight. Even though its not your fault. Good luck.


Oml … seriously its worst its ever been tonight. Probably cause everyone trying to kill off lethaldescent guards at multiple castles with multiple teams. But no hits are registering no guards killed. Just hitting n no troop loss or reductions in guards and no glory earned. And you’re lucky if you can move on or off the castle.