Atlas Lag Mitigation Fixes

Yeah that also, keeps freezing open castle details, crash after a gold run, never ending travel screens etc. All the old problems are back now.

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with the new season and increased activity the hamster powering atlas is about to die…

Aligane or any heavily active location is pretty much unplayable. Click move 15435 times and the game says🖕 not letting you move lololololol.

If you release the land shuffle, which your intent of it is to increase activity, before you figure out the performance issues you might as well go ahead close up shop. It may be the last straw for many.

Small Lag and delay is one thing. Inability to play the game is unacceptable!!!


As indicated before: we can return to lag and performance improvements once land shuffle tasks have been squared away. I think we’ve already begun to ease into that already this week.

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Priorities! :rofl:

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So if land shuffle is almost squared away, are we be able to start getting information about it soon so we can start preparing?

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Yes, working on that this week.

In regards to lag, we have some information saying that this is in-battle lag, which could point to issues outside of just Atlas. This makes a very significant difference in where we need to investigate. Could I have some specific examples of types of recent lag that’s been seen in your games so we can use this info to investigate, please? Thanks!


Two different battles, Two different castles, both with less than 100 players:

  • About 1 in 3 attacks actually work, and this is going back in and checking the player and primarch are still there after the attack.

  • Takes several times of telling the prim to move in to actually get it to move.


@PGGalileo atlas is unplayable. Just log in and see. The lag is absurd! Come on man!


@PGEggToken hits on every battle with more then 20 players are unplayable. Constant freezes, crashes followed by black screens. Hits not counting, if lucky they count 15min later. Not able move prims, fail to set home, fail to train troops etc. Its completely unplayable again! This is not acceptable!


We are beyond fed up. But please, keep the side quests, perch resistances, new towers coming…(said jokingly)

For the love of all things, FIX THE SH!T that doesn’t work right FIRST.

This is becoming complete garbage.


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Gal will say this as well, and a little more. There are different teams for fixing problems and making new stuff. And as long as people play the game, they will make new stuff.

  1. Prims are not moving to highly populated castles such as in Aligane and during castle raids.

  2. Attacks are not counting. After an attack there’s no way to know if you earned glory points or not. You will not be able to discern whether it is due to someone defeated the primarch ahead of you or if that is due to the atlas lag. There are instances that attacks would register 5 to 10 mins after because you’ll be getting a prompt that your prim has been freed. The sad part is, in between those periods, you have attacked already 4 to 5 other prims knowing that your first attack didnt count.

I understand that your team is prioritizing the roll out of land shuffle but these issues were not fully addressed and they keep recurring which greatly affects gameplay. There should have been an assigned personnel who constantly monitors and works on these issues, moreso that a lot of teams now have atlas access.


People should get refunded for their Atlas Elite, this aint acceptable!


I agree. Whatever the plan to eventually change the Atlas battle mechanics, the current state is just not at commercial product quality level. Atlas elite should be free or heavily discounted until this is fixed. Some teams are forced to buy it to maintain castles they acquired by paying a lot of money to PG. Questionable business.

The lag is indeed terrible, but it doesn’t affect the benefits you get from atlas elite. You still get your extra gold and hats.

Maybe you could explain what you mean, because this doesn’t make sense to me; no one is forced to buy it.

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I mean, I just don’t buy it, but some teams would not be able to train enough troops to hold their castles without it. And they acquired those castles, paying for elite and maybe some packs, in good faith that the whole Atlas would be playable.

On a more direct level, attacks that don’t count, and the general confusion resulting from the lag, result in excessive loss of troops, reducing the benefits of atlas elite.

Wrong, it does affect. With lag and non counting hits the chance to lose extra troops is 50% higher. While i load for one hit that ends in lag, it could make another one counting that sniped me instead. So yes, Elite should be refunded as Atlas is not working as intented rn.


I like the silcence of PG again tbh.

Is there Any update?

Doesnt look like. I mean the lag with extra troop looses creates more revenue…which is just sad and prooves that PG doesnt care at all. @Bearcat

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