Atlas lag/ nothing loading

I m not sure if anyone else is having issues, and this only started after crafting started today, but nothing in Atlas is loading correctly and if it does takes forever.

Went out to do attacks with team tonight and whole game froze up. Wouldn’t load information on team and by the time I could attack I was dead.

Did contact support but don’t expect an answer soon due to the emails on the not being compensated issue.

Is anyone else experiencing really long delays or timeouts in Atlas?

Getting lots of black screens if I am in Atlas too long. Havent done the hold power and home button until restart on my ipad that usually fixes it though. Well, fixes it for a few hours anyways.

Noticed it this morning. Can’t even put troops on my prim. It just sits there spinning.

i am getting kicked out of game after every atlas attack i did :smiley: PvP attacks, not invader.
i am just thankful it is not during attack :relieved:
that’s something :relieved:
#staypositive :relieved:

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The saga continues , its a joke to be honest ,that any company could charge for this abysmal service .

Currently attacking a castle , hits don’t register , primes wont move , just pointless .

Not that PG will admit it but they had to change something last night!!
This is getting tiresome! Simple functions like building troops and looking at a castles details were failing for me.
I am getting SO SICK and tired of atlas being so bad, and getting worst daily!
I am also sick of the excuses!