Atlas lag or whatever

So sick of attempting to attack in atlas and game fails. So I pick a prime to attack and it will not let me pick a drag. So sick of this… please fix your broken game. I’m a level 417. Just over the BS. This is on going for months please fix!!


What happens when you try to select a dragon.

Is it a situation where you see the roster but when you click on it, nothing happens?

Does it crash the game?

Does the roster never show?

I’ve noticed a problem especially around aligane, when trying to select a prime to attack, the lag is unbearable and usually results in a “war dragons is attempting to sync error”… almost every time… very frustrating indeed

Atlas has been junk since the last update. Either your prim gets stuck on a castle with 0 troops, shield doesn’t activate because of lag when you kill enough troops to bubble and they wipe your prim… Fun fun

Welcome to War Dragons! Let me introduce you to PG, maybe it will give u a little bit more understanding of why the game is ass when it comes to atlas and lagging/glitches/bugs. :slight_smile:

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