ATLAS LAG, PG please view

PG you have told us you have been working on the lag, especially because of the big shuffle thats coming up. However I’m telling you its still terrible!! Battles with too many teams are just a lag fest with unable to move and attacks not counting or counting but 15 mins later. Here’s a 2 min video of my trying to help an ally today Nov 1st where the lag is definitely no where near fixed


I have been trying to move for about 20 mins. Even tried going to nml too, still no luck

Edit: few mins later i got this error lol


Feel this thread should
go Atlas Lag Mitigation Fixes
Instead @moderators


I don’t care where it goes as long as its viewed and looked into.

Like seriously how long has this been going on for…


Why report there when that post was made August 11, OH and no one from PG has said anything since Sept 22!!!
Why not make a new post???

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