Atlas lag, what’s the issue

@PGEggToken wanted to talk about it somewhere else so might as well be here.

I’m not technical so I don’t know what causes the issues we’re experiencing where atlas basically falls over and cries as soon as 3+ prims start attacking the same castle at the same time.

I just want it fixed because it makes various aspects of atlas unplayable.

Can anyone weigh in as to their thoughts on why this is happening?


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Only PG has the data to say why it is happening.

The (blatantly) obvious categories:

  • Insufficient server power for number of users. I don’t think we have enough players that this should come up. How many active Atlas players are there? I’d guess under 10k and only a portion of that are on at any time. This isn’t like Fort event start where thousands are trying to raid in first 5 minutes.
  • Insufficient network capacity. Again, not likely due to number of players and their access technologies (all have wireless somewhere in the path).
  • Inefficient protocols. Might be part of it, but again I don’t see it being the big issue. Unlike others, I haven’t reverse-engineered their protocols so I can’t say anything concrete.
  • Data representation and synchronization on the server(s). Most likely problem area. The Atlas world is not that big but keeping all of the state changes consistent, persistent and efficient could be a tough problem using out of the box solutions.

In summary, PGEggToken is likely correct - software. Pure speculation though.


There are 1200 atlas teams, I think an estimate of 8 players per team is on the low side. Diamond and Sapphire alone is over 14k, and those are pretty much all active. I’d guess at least 40k more in plat.

That’s why I said “active” though defining that term is needed. Even in Diamond, Atlas activity varies greatly.

Just looking at normal events, I hit the team prize level late in the last event and had a ranking around 15k when I did. Other estimates have placed our total active players in the 30k range or less.

Admittedly out of date, but still data.