Atlas lagging soooo much

Hi guys.

So Im sure its a known issue in the game but, Atlas is lagging so much.

Got 10k troops on my prime. Took me maybe 15 taps for it to move from the castle to Aligane. Finally got there did 1 attack - nothing happened no minus on troops no record of it in the reports. Did another one this time defended and join by a team member again nothing at all. 20 taps to try to move the prime back to safety after he moves and I actually see the animation I go back to main game collect food go back to Atlas just to find out I got attacked lost all the troops for 650 glory. FFFFFFF


There’s other threads about the lag, which has not gotten better.
@moderators can some of these threads be merged/combined?

Welcome to Atlas!


Hey if you think it’s bad now, just wait a couple days! Everything will be so much more coughfuncough

Dont u dare jinx it through ur sarcasm

Unfortunately yes, at least around busy castles.
Attacks are not registering in crowd places such as aligane and very slow and laggy

Been bad. No one who works at pg cares or can fix it. We’re all still playing. Nothing can happen that will make people walk from all the wasted $$ people have dumped into this drug we call WD… Addicts. Every one of us…

Why do you try to stop reporting?
Pg should see EVERY complaint!

Not reporting, just saying we don’t need 30 threads with the same topic.