Atlas laggy since Update (Android)

hey @PGDave. again after the new update the atlas overview is extremly laggy for android users.
im using a Galaxy S8 - one of the fastest Device on the market. i wont complain if i would use some old device or something like that… but its hard to have fun at atlas again. moving around the map or zooming takes like forever.

i kindly ask u to move it forward to the android team to have a look into it please.



uploaded the record of my atlas there.

Are other people here on the forums experiencing the same?

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I’m okay on a LG G5, but it might be another Samsung issue. Do you have apps running in the background?

Im ok on Sony Xperia XZ Premium. a bit slow but not as laggy as that

My roommate is having lag issues on an iPhone 8+

The way that things are lining up with Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6s having issues previously and now the 8s almost seems more than coincidental at this point :see_no_evil:

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For the record my 8+ is perfectly fine. She made me run her Noctua so I’d believe her, and yeah it’s not looking good on her phone. :joy:
Also her Noctua was curb stomped by a dark Flak in 2 shots.

no other apps are running in background. im using this device only for WD.
the rest of the game is smooth as usally. also attacking invader.
but moving around is a pain in the butt :man_facepalming:

still no answer from any Employee?

We are looking into this. Unfortunately it seems that Samsung Specific devices, definitely the S7-S8 have something causing issues.

We have put in some fixes which should greatly improve this situation both in the regular game view, and Atlas. These should come out in 3.91 via the App Store which is slated for next week.

How about the issue with crashing too much now? My game crashes like every 4 runs in Atlas :frowning: and Im using the newest Android OS

I’m not sure which crash you’re experiencing, but we have put in numerous crash fixes in 3.91 for the most common issues.

Mine is sometimes the screen suddenly went black. Have to restart like 5 times until the message “App not responding” to force close the app. Then I can run the game again

My lag is HORRIBLE at my main base, i am on android and for a few months now i can only communicate in atlas bc lag is so horrible at main base. As im sure u may be aware that this makes everything else just as difficult.

That is caused by your defender rider on a perch. Remove it and the game will run fine. It only happens while on your base screen so it must be caused by a glitch in the rider graphic on the perch. Inside atlas the lag is suddenly gone.

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I have a fairly high level defender rider that I refuse to use bc I can’t stand the lag it causes in the game. It is worse depending on the device used also. My S7 edge won’t even load into game if on there, lg devices just slow somewhat, and my nexus gets extremely slow.

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Wow i never even considered that…

I only figured it out bc happened the second I added mine. Then started working again as soon as I bonded to a dragon not on perch.