Atlas Land Colors

I know most people don’t even have the land colors enabled anymore, but I was just curious if this happens to everyone else :joy: myself and a teammate noticed it the other day.

Every. Single. Time. Atlas. Reloads. NEW COLOR :rofl:
Is this intentional? I had never seen it happen before a few days ago.


It might be that a team on the same plot of land just changes their team colour often

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It happens to e v e r y piece of land.

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Thanks a lot for implying that the colors can be turned off. I just disabled them and it looks much clearer & cleaner :blush:


you can turn colors off :scream:? The more you know


Go to settings in Atlas and turn off. Will be more clear

Nah i turned it off and i found that the safe zones were harder to find cause they weren’t white. I’m pretty used to the chaos of the colors, i don’t mind.

They’re dulled out more like.

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