Atlas Land Reshuffle

Is the land reshuffle still a thing? And if so is there any timetable for it to return after getting the castle to gate ratio sorted?

Not sure who to tag so if anyone knows the best employee to tag any assistance is appreciated.

Sorry honey, there wasn’t any intention to do a land reshuffle in the first place.
The last one, unfortunately was a bogus

would still be @PGGalileo for any official confirmations.

While we haven’t totally given up on the concept, we are focusing on other things for the time being!

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That is truly a shame. I believe the shuffle if implemented properly would solve several issues at once in Atlas.

The small teams with only gates would have fewer gates. This would allow them to grew themselves without being under constant pressure. Also it would let them learn Atlas at a slower pace. Atlas can be unforgiving at the best of times. And this would allow newer players to grow and replace older players as they leave.

It would also put everyone on the same footing for gates regardless of when you got Atlas.

It would also make teams make decision about how they staff castles, troop count. The more gates you have the more troops or primarchs needed to protect them. Which would promote more people to get out and hit. Fewer teams hidden with no gates or only one gate or a lower ranked team with one gate and 2 600s protecting the gate with their taunter.

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