Atlas Land Shuffle Preview: Part I

Hello, Everyone. Many have been eager for information on the upcoming Land Shuffle. Here are some things players can expect, what we’re planning, and answers to some other concerns. Bear in mind that while the majority of these details are final, we will remain flexible if any issues arise during testing and implementation.

When is Land Shuffle?

Our plan was to release it with the Atlas Sunscorch Season on July 29th. However, as of this morning, we’ve taken a look at progress, risks, and made some judgement calls. This led to us having to reassess our timeline, and will likely need to push the date further out. More details to come.

How often will Land Shuffle happen?

We’re planning on using newly-built tech to shuffle the map in Atlas with the start of every new Atlas Season.

How will the start of each new season play out relative to Land Shuffle?

We plan to release new Atlas seasons in the following phases:

  • Pre-shuffle:
    Activate Castle Shields and Lockout castle exchanges. This means you won’t be allowed to conquer enemy castles or surrender castles over to another ally. This allows us to snapshot castle ownership to be migrated to the new map. Ideally, we would be timing this with a Major PvP Event so that PvP shields are already in place.

  • Maintenance Downtime:
    Lockout Atlas Access. We need to do this so that the migration of Troops, Primarchs, Castles, etc. can happen on the server-side, and we don’t want anything changing in the “world” during this period.

  • Post-shuffle I:
    Access restored, Shields are active, and movement permitted to allow teams to learn the map. All PvP combat and hiring of castle guards is disabled during this time. Bank Transfers, Troop Training, and Rider Missions are all still allowed. You can collect troops into your Garrison, but cannot load them on your Primarchs.

  • Post-shuffle II:
    Shields are downgraded to PvP event shields. Combat is allowed only if you disable your shield, as per usual. The Major PvP Event should still be active, so after that ends, things return to normal in Atlas.

Can I ever return to the previous season’s map?

No. While we will retain a backup for reference purposes, you won’t be able to return to the old map.

What happens to my Primarchs?

Primarchs will stay on the castle they were stationed at prior to the shuffle, as long as the castle is an ownable castle. If a Primarch is on an NML or Safe Zone castle, it may end up elsewhere. However, you should have several days’ time to move it back to where you want it to be while shields are up.

What happens to castles and infrastructure?

Castle element properties will be retained, as well as your stored infrastructure.

What about castle clustering relative to 5TAs? Can we see a map preview?

We’re working hard on that now. Next week we’ll include more information on that aspect of the land shuffle in Part II of our Land Shuffle Preview.


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