[Atlas] Land Shuffle Release and Collection of Past Information

Hey Dragon Lords,

Today is the day that we’ll be rolling out the Limited-Release Land Shuffle! I wanted to bring back all the information and questions that were asked and the answers for them that we provided. The dates for the limited release is going to be from 11/05/2020 - 11/18/2020.

What will happen to my troops and Primarchs after the Land Shuffle?

Glad you asked! There are few things that will happen after the map gets shuffled.

  • Primarchs that are on a castle that your team owns will be moved to the new castle positions.
  • Primarchs on Safe Zone and No Man’s Land castles will be moved to a random castle in a similar zone
  • Troops will stay on the Primarchs they are on.
  • Any barrack troops will stay in barracks after the shuffle.
  • Gold Mines go away
    • Beast payouts will be adjusted to pay out at least as much as gold mines
    • Beasts will no longer be limited to a certain number of beasts killed per region

How Does the Shuffle Work? Where Do My Team’s Castles Go?

  • Castles are grouped first by team then by 5TA
  • 5TAs are placed on the map from the center out, starting with the strongest 5TA. 5TAs are sorted based on the team power of the highest ranked team in 5TA
  • Castles are grouped into clusters. Castle position in each cluster is random
  • Beast level and element type are now controlled by castle not region

What happens after the map unshuffles?

Once the map is unshuffled all castles will go back to their current positions on the map. It is important to note that ownership will not go back after the unshuffle. If the castle was taken by another Guild they will still have ownership of the castle after the unshuffle.

Once the unshuffle is complete:

  • All troops will be sent back to their barracks
  • Primarchs will be unsummoned
  • A credit of 3k diamonds will be given to all Atlas players to help instant summoning Primarchs

Why two weeks for the limited-release?

After hearing everyone’s feedback from the release of Mega Perches we wanted to proceed forward a bit more cautiously when it comes to changes that have high impact to the game. This resulted in limiting the first shuffle to a limited period of time so we can measure the effects of the shuffle and any important changes that need to be made to help support a future where Land Shuffle becomes a regular occurence in Atlas.

There’s also going to be a period where we’ll want to monitor lag from the heightened activity in Atlas as a result of the shuffle. This will be a good opportunity for us to have some time to put in fixes for any emergent issues around lag that come up while it’s running to better improve the experience in the future.

Additional Q&A

Q: Will the shuffle affect lag?

A: We expect more conflict over all on the map and will monitor lag very closely. We know lag is frustrating but we can’t know what the lag will be like until we try it. We cannot promise the lag will be better or worse.

Q: What steps are being taken to fix the lag?

A: Lag becomes our #1 priority once we’re on the other side of the limited time shuffle. The team has been working on ways to change up Atlas, so once we run this experiment, we can focus on the quality of life aspect of the game for Atlas players, including lag. Lag is our constant enemy, and we monitor it around the clock. Lag will never not be a thing in Atlas, but we do hope to mitigate it once we focus the whole team on it.

Q: Will there be a cut off period/lock in for TAs and power ranking to prevent manipulation of positioning? If so, when?

A: We cannot answer this as people will use our answer to game the system, which ultimately we’d be blamed for not stopping.

Q: How will teams be positioned relative to their TA? Stronger in the middle? On the outside? Randomly?

A: Random

Q: What will the ratio of Owned Castles:SZ:NML be like? Will it still be 4:1:1 as previously stated?

A: That answer is still evolving because we’re testing many different variants to balance fairness and overall percentage of access castles. (Those things are outputs of the ratios you mentioned not the ratios themselves.)

Q: How will the castle depth issue be addressed? Will it be like how it is currently with some castles being inaccessible because they’re super safe, or will castles be a lot more accessible depth-wise now? And if so, how many ‘hops in’ will castles be?

A: There will be less depth in the shuffled map than there is now. Some castles will be safe but overall there will be much more access than on the current map. There will be much less, possibly no, Safe Zone access, but there will be much more access from No Man’s Land regions.

Q: Will higher tier castles be deeper than lower tier castles? Or vice versa? Or random?

A: Random

Q: Can we get a visual for the shuffled map?

A: We will share some samples but not the actual map. You will have plenty of time with pvp disabled and shields up to learn the map and prepare your defenses.
A2: We were going to share random visual samples, but we were worried that this would be misunderstood as the actual map. Also, we were still making changes to the map’s format which would have been confusing if we provided incorrect visual samples. As such, we’re going to not be sharing visual samples - we should have communicated this earlier, our apologies.

Q: Castles are grouped first by team then by 5TA? Can this be clarified?

A: Atlas lead doesn’t understand the question, but “One thing I can add is that the teams at the far edges of the map might see the 5TA broken up into two or more mini clusters of castles. That sounds bad but the edges of the maps are tend to be great positions with a decent number of non-access castles. Teams being placed in these positions are highly likely to see an increase in the percentage of their castles that are non-access.”

Q: Are resources getting used during the trial getting refunded?

A: This is not a trial, this is a limited time release. Troops on primarchs at the end of the shuffle will get sent back to barracks. Primarchs will all be unsummoned. Players will each get 3k diamonds to insta-summon their primarchs when the current map is back in place.

Q: Will travel time be affected/increased?

A: No plans to adjust travel time but it’s something we will consider based on player feedback after the limited time release.

Q: How long will Atlas be down to effectuate the shuffle?

A: A few hours; less if the deploy goes perfectly

Q: Will the unshuffle be timed with the next PvP shields?

A: Yep!

Q: Will there be a limit to castle loss during the testing phase? (e.g: 1-2 castles)

A: No plans for that currently

Q: What’s the goal of the testing phase/what data will you be looking to measure?

A: It’s a limited time release, not a trial. The reason the gains and losses are permanent (they would not be permanent in a ‘trial’) is because this feature intentionally is a massive and regular shake up of the map, with the amount of access castles obviously and dramatically increased. This is all to the good and will make Atlas a more fun and active place where any team is at risk of being attacked and where any team has a chance to strike back at their attackers. However, we talk about a thing called ‘burden of play’ which is how many hours the highly engaged leaders of Atlas teams have to spend watching and guarding their castles. The limited time release lets us see players behaving as they would in a full release because resources used are ‘real.’ But it also only lasts for 1 week, and if the burden of play is too high, we can adapt the way we shuffle the map or any number of other options that lower the burden of play but preserve the advantages of the more open and active map.

Q: Any news on new primarch tier? Or new event instead of the primarch event?

A: Aiming to have that out in December

Q: What happened to the idea of shrines?

A: This is a long and multi-feature release list: map shuffle then Atlas Wars then shrines. Map shuffle development took much longer than expected so we’ll take a look at that order again when we’re planning out 2021.

Q: Can there be an ingame mail sent to ensure that more/most people know about the shuffle?

A: Absolutely!

Changes to Beasts and Gold Mines

Beasts now stop spawning after a player has killed 2000 in the region, up from 8. Once map shuffle is released tomorrow, we will also be removing Gold Mines from the map.

Alas API

All things should be consistent the only thing that is different will be the Kingdom ID. We will be releasing the Kingdom ID once the shuffle has been completed as that will be the final Kingdom ID for the shuffled map.

[Update] The Kingdom ID for this map if 6.

We will continue to monitor feedback as this progresses.