Atlas Latency Issues

Has anybody else noticed drastic issues lately with the new update when panning from territory to territory.

I use different parts of the map for different things and when i zoom out/pan/zoom in, it takes a good minute for castles to “load” where the icons are supposed to be.

Is this due to the size of Atlas, the new teams, or is this a byproduct of the new alliances and having to go through tons of coding to determine proper skins/colors for the castles before displaying them?

Right now it is super frustrating.



Having exact same issue when getting into Atlas Mech - doing invader runs takes longer since the mine loads after 20 or so seconds.

Yeap taking too long to load atlas. If you zoom to another area quickly it takes like 20 seconds for the primarchs and castles to appear. Maybe server lag?

This has been happening on my end for a good amount of time already. I’m sure it will improve if settings are lowered? Or could be due to spotty wifi.

A lot of it was not on the player’s end. Supposedly this update was supposed to fix a lot of the issues but…

It looks like the majority of you are on Android devices. Other than JesseNP, are there any folks experiencing this on iOS as well?

i’m on iOS and have the same issues

@Kelsey6606 With the world map rendering objects, or with the battle map taking awhile to load?

It looks like we have a fix for the Android issue, but it will require an app store version update (i.e. not hotfixable), which will be due out next week. Sorry for the rendering delays in the meantime!

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both takes awhile to get everything while this was never the issue before

A lot of the issues with moving were not really based on OS from what I saw. The latency issues seemed to happen based more on network traffic? Or whenever it was raining…and when it was not raining, so basically, all the time.

Primarch movement issues and map rendering are somewhat related, but we’ll need to determine if it’s really the same cause. It is raining here today @Panda :dodo:

Lol I know…Bay Area weather is awful :sob: But…I will say that in general Atlas needs to be able to scale better as larger scale conflicts break out…or whats the point?


A same issues on iOS
Islands not loading
Lag of 10-20 seconds
Zooming in and out is no longer fluid it’s very choppy
Clicking on islands takes several taps like it doesn’t register the first tap.

Same issue on iOS. Can take up to a minute or more for islands/mines to render. Very painful to use.
Also, the amount of hats and bar doesn’t update and display accurately. It’s stuck until I get gold and then it shows the amount that’s there. Like rn it’s stuck on zero for hours and will remain like that until I move gold to build troops

Same issues for me, on iOS

ios here too and its unplayable for me.
downloads files for atlas every time game is opened, cannot zoom in or out without the screen spazzing, takes a very long time to open any castle or atlas icon, since atlas came back i have given up trying to access.
whole game is laggy and not much fun atm

IPad Air 2 iOS v11.3

Ticket# 1130440

You’re kidding right? A video is worth a thousand words. If PG opens the additional lands before these Latency issues are fixed, when thousands of players make a mass move toward castles and start taunting, trapping, and attacking can you imagine the result? We are experiencing these quantity of problems and demand is nowhere near what it’s going to be.

When you watch the video, look at the clock at how long it takes for the display to populate. Notice my actual Prims never physically show up, only the indicator. System shows waypoint or home assignment fails, minutes later, shows up (well at least the indicator does). Travel paths, nope, they just vanish.

Please do NOT open the new lands until this is fixed!

BTW, video is 2.5 mins and no it doesn’t freeze, wait for it, these are actual delays waiting on game to respond.

War Dragons Latency

I’m on iOS and I’m having the same issues.

Don’t worry…the new system was going to fix this :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: