Atlas Leader? I wanna lead

Hello I want to know if any teams have a leader spot open I always wanted to start a team but with the requirements to gain atlas this seems quite challenging. Please lmk if anyone has a team to give over responsibilities too thanks. Please be gentle with the comments lol

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What guarantees that you won’t be straight off kicking everyone?

Why can’t you join an atlas team as a mere member and then build trust to become an officer and then finally the leader?

What benefit would the teammates get if they decide to let you lead them?


Well, I am a stay at home dad im usually on all the time. I always try to help with runs and such. I don’t much care for the power, I just want to be there for a group of people I can call friends and also the name lol. I have been a officer a few times and it’s nice but I want to build a fun environment as well as a competitive advantage with knowledge and experience. (๑・∀・๑):crossed_flags:

:roll_eyes: Sounds like a contradiction…


Think you are qualified already at least for most of the low rank teams in atlas. :+1:t2:

so, a mature(since you are a father) male japanese, yes? Any language barriers? Will you be able to communicate quick enough in moments of urgency?

There are different types of leading. He can be a leader while not asserting his power as a leader in a personal level.

Idk what the OP’s intention is yet, but if he can be online all the time, it will be easy for him to become an officer in any team with enough time to build trust.

Though i highly doubt there will be any active teams that are going to willingly hand over the leadership right at the moment of his join.

A leader with no care for power usually means he will be doing all the work without getting much benefit from doing so. :scream:

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:scream: you have no idea what you’re asking


Or he can help his friends and team without being a leader.
On a serious note, if it’s someone is acknowledged by team, I’d be happy to pass the leader pos.


That is hard to do considering being a leader of a team in atlas, unless you‘re planning on not having any castles, you’ll have to get into the politics. Will have to make tough decisions in order to keep your team moving forward and making sure participation is being done. If not, you will have 2-3 players carrying deadweight in atlas and then will eventually lose those players when they decide they have had enough.

I would suggest to OP to build a family with a team that already has atlas and become an officer. Being a leader and leading are two very different things.

I’ve been on teams with outstanding officers and a horrible leader, as well as teams with a great leader who would get burned out because he didn’t assert his power when it was needed.


I’ve been playing since the boats lol I think I do

How will I know if you don’t get a team lol

Are you okay with being exclusively an Atlas Officer? Giving over responsibilities sounds like an Officer thing. Leaders have to figure out what to do themselves.

Enter barrage of interview questions:

What kinds of atlas requirements would you have your team follow and how would you make sure people follow this?
As someone in a leadership position, what would you do to help the other officers in the team succeed in their roles?

  • If you’re the Leader, how would you guide officers to help you lead the team?
  • If you’re an Officer, what kind of support would you offer the leader in managing and teammates?

Are you easily offended? What are things do you consider offensive and how do you react to them?

What are the top 3 or 5 teams you’ve been on? What did you love most about them? Which ones do you still feel most loyal to? Which practices do you hope to emulate if you get the opportunity to lead?

I think if you answer these questions honestly, a team would be able to see if you’d be a good-fit and get you onboard. Likely have a trial period then once trust is established, give you that shiny promotion.

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Many atlas team with none leadership or inactive leader. With your level 663 it must be easy to attract those silver lurker

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Easier to join as a member first then climb up the ladder lol

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Power is not leadership lol

It’s not, but both come with responsibility :joy:

Great responsibility :roll_eyes:

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Very Great responsibility