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Hello again, I submitted a ticket on December 15 about the announcement saying that all teams that were Gold 1 or higher, by December 16 would get Atlas, my team was Gold 1 on December 14 and to this day never has stopped being Gold 1, on December 24 they answered me and told me that the development team would review what happened with my team, but we are still waiting and we still do not have Atlas, the ticket that I opened, is closed, some players of my team have left the game out of discouragement, my question is if they are going to give us Atlas or not since we meet the requirements that would be required to obtain Atlas. We just want to know why we don’t have Atlas and other Gold 1 equipment if they do. I only ask you to be sincere, that if you are not going to give us Atlas, let us know so that we do not waste any more time.

Put in a ticket


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Here how to file a ticket:

How to file a ticket in game with support

Following steps

on Android

on iOS


Filing a ticket with support using a web browser

You can also contact support from your browser using the following URL:

You will also need to obtain a password in order to be able to log into the site. You can do that by clicking on the “Sign In” link and then select the “Get a password” option.

Please have your Support ID (in game settings > About tab > right at the top) at hand.

You can also access this information if you go to your phone settings, scroll down to the WD app > support ID.

If you’re unable to find your support ID, just use 0000 instead.

Last Resort

If you have tried the above two methods and you still haven’t been successful in submitting a ticket, you can email support here:

Have a great day!

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Reach platinum 1 or sapphire better yet hit diamond gold 1 is a cake walk like the mod said file a ticket and it be sorted out

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Sorry but I won’t encourage atlas access.

Adds endless stress to this second Life.

No point.


I used to dream of atlas … now I dream of no atlas :smiley:

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