Atlas Legendary Gear Cost Analysis

Looking for other peoples perspectives, input, and data regarding this.

I currently have several pieces of legendary gear from atlas(cost a pretty penny) and have done quite a bit of grinding and packs to do so.

My findings are such that to level single piece of legendary gear to max requires roughly 1.2m shards of the primary resource, and 1.0m of the secondary resource. That alone means that for a full armor set of legendary gear of 8 pieces, you will need 9.6m primary resource, and 8.0m of secondary resource.

  • Buying this flat out with current packs, would cost 10,000$ roughly(low ball) for 1 armor set of legendary gear.

  • The other option would be to purchase rubies and go through the bazzar, now even if shards were the only drop and you got your primary resource EVERY TIME, it would still take 640 buys from the bazaar to acquire this amount; this translates to 4.2m rubies needed, or 120 100$ packs.

  • Finally Grinding. My team has 1 territory of level 3 land. This affords us roughly 5k shards a day from multis for the land resource, but just for shits and giggles lets high ball it to 10k. To get the necessary primary resource you would need to grind poachers for 960 days or 2.75 YEARS!

  • But lets also add in events, 2 events a week to stretch it, and give a person all the prizes, lets say this gives 100k of all resource per event. So 200k per week of all resource, and 70k of your primary resource. This would take 35 weeks to achieve. But in practicality im inflating the event rewards, and good luck maxing out them all, especially without spending.

This leaves us with a best case scenario of around 1.5 years of grinding, or 10k cash PER armor set.

I will remind you of the bonuses this HEAVY cost gives us, 25% hp and atk power for 1 dragon, or a few good abilities on a defensive set, like the 20% damage bonus on Dark Flak.

@SavageAFforPG I would appreciate your input on this.
@PGDave Any comment in regards to these costs?

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PG would much prefer you choose the $10k USD option :smiley:


Lol I know they would, but this is pretty damn extreme, this is like asking for 10k$ to go from the legendary dragon of a tier to the mythic of the tier.

If you keep arguing they are going to “fix it” by raising the price to $30k and then making it “half off”…


I have a little more faith in them then i guess

I don’t have any pieces fully upgraded yet… And you left out how many attempts at crafting before you got the legendary… Or maybe you were amazingly lucky.

I’ll look at it though.

From your rough numbers though, you do not appear too far off (not too high). Your generous rounding, when taken at a scale like this, can actually make a huge difference in underrepresenting the costs.

It might be a few days… I’m otherwise occupied this week.

Should be good info for everyone who can’t wait to get into atlas and spend even more money!

The sad part is, they think we’re being mean and making it up.

(Hint… We’re not… But I also think you should make that call for yourselves.)

My rounding was generally rounded down, just to give PG every benefit of the doubt with this basic cost analysis. It still doesn’t come out looking like a rose, not with every possible luxury afforded to it.

Here’s some examples of the gear shard costs

@Panda how many shards are you able to generate in multis with the NUMEROUS level 4 and 5 castles you guys own, in a day of multis

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No need to complain… just grind it out… it will take you that long to craft all 8 pieces successfully anyways!

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I have 8 pieces, that part aint that hard

A few thousand per run. However, this could probably be increased if you were to level your refineries even higher.


At max, most are 2,000 shards and under with max multiplier. I still think shards and gold need to be more farmable and rolled into one attack.

Most people were not around during the Merchant days but I am hoping to see that come back in a positive manner.

so with all your castles even you dont have shards at a decent farmable range to be able to hit that in a reasonable time frame.
So either they should decrease the cost or increase the value. But I dont remember what were the objections towards buffing the armor?

I do not know what max refinery buffs look like so I cannot really say. Castles have potential but you still have to build the specific infrastructure up.

Dragons are already pretty strong relatively. Adding armor that makes them essentially “go up” a tier would just mean that bases are meaningless.

Ours are nearly maxxed, and we’re getting near what you are, because the interim between boosts to the bonus get bigger and bigger.

Fair enough it would put PG in a catch 22 where either they make the towers strong enough to compensate for the difference and thus the armor becomes mandatory. OR they keep the armor as is and it doesnt carry adequate weight.

However if the Rider armor had more beneficial effects and was the key mechinism for facilitating the difference between the buffed armor and the lacking base power. Would that not be an adequate middle ground, thus leading to a more direct choice needing to be made, either you focus offense with your shards or defense with them.

I would say, in a perfect world, they make shards ONLY mineable or won through prizes. This way there was not a direct “buy” feature. This would increase the value of the armor and then they could increase tower strength so that the armor would actually make a difference. This would be set in either Narnia or Hogwarts so I imagine it will be coming soon.

As it stands…all that happens is people will buy enough to make their already strong dragon relatively unstoppable.

You can go either way, but as long as you can essentially purchase them, their impact will always be diluted.

I don’t begrudge PG for making a buck, but the price scale at the moment is outrageous, and basically unachievable, they won’t make hardly any money if it stays the way it is without a proper rebalance

That is what everyone says and then look at towers. It takes roughly 15,000 x 12 hour clocks to go up 5 levels and they seem to think that is both reasonable AND sustainable. So…say that they won’t make money, hard to argue with a result.