Atlas Light (?)

Atlas is so complicated. Players who are new to this can get easily overwhelmed, and this puts a lot of unnecessary burden on teams accepting new players. At the same time, new teams are not being given Atlas…so there’s not much opportunity to “learn it at your own pace”, ESPECIALLY when people are complaining about “pirate teams” and PG is contemplating taking Atlas away from “less engaged” teams.

What about Atlas Light? Give teams access to Atlas, and allow them to hit beasts, do PVP, and mine gold, but disable their ability to attack or conquer castles.

The downside?
-More teams would have atlas.

The upside?
-More players would be able to learn Atlas and benefit from it.
-PG would get money from whatever % of these players choose to use Atlas Elite.
(Not having castles might actually make AE more valuable)
-This would NOT lead to sniping since Atlas LTE players would not have the ability to attack castles
-Players on these teams could still participate in Atlas events
-Sets up an easier metric for PG to determine teams deserving access to “Full Atlas”

I’m still somewhat new here so I apologize if this has been proposed and re proposed and debated and re debated, but it seemed like a good idea




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