Atlas Lotusbloom Season Discussion Thread

Discuss the Atlas Lotusbloom season here!

Please note that some of the recently-discussed Atlas Proposals will not debut with the new season, and more details about them will be on the way as soon as we’re ready to share them.

Nothing to discuss as of now. Everything is the same as previous season.

Looks like another copy paste to me…

Seems like the only thing to discuss is which of the Atlas Proposals will debut at all, in what form, and when, and there’s no new info on that. :woman_shrugging:

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Another defensive rider?

Defensive rider is pretty good, depending on if she can get all of the tower HP and more than one of the flak boosts. I assume you’ll have to get the flak atk before you can get the flak hp

I’d have liked to see one of each rider line though when they do a defensive rider.

When we will have info if any of the proposal will be aplied!!??? Been a while since no new proposal or info about that


How many skill points will the rider have?

Good job :clap: . Thanks that at least changed the name of the season

Bare minimum she has to have at least 215. Her skills are damn expensive. It’s a shame they put the atk stat first but they know which we’d want more

Honestly this idea has been shot down and revised and pushed out enough times. Do what your going to do and be done with it. I’ll see how it plays out short term and see whether it is something I want to continue to be a part of. We have asked for a number of things, very few have been delivered. We have asked for an economic revamp to scale the economy without adding additional currencies, and of course we got no revamp and more currency. We have asked for you to listen to what we have to say, yet here we are again. You have been told people are starting to feel like this is a job, yet you want to add even more required time. You have thrown out some good ideas, and they have gone into the ether. You have been told we like dungeons, and they are gone. You have been told we all despise kingdom wars yet it’s still here. So just get on with it and deal with the fallout if you dont want to listen to your player base. Just do it, get it over with, and see if it helps retain players or they start leaving even faster.


Actually this is what current atlas team ranking behaves. No changes in there.

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Your choice.

Re assess.

Really? Oh ok.

Think about your life choices.

So… nothing? After all of the hysteria regarding potential changes both good and bad … we get zilch?

How utterly lame. :roll_eyes:


Well, each of their ideas got shot down like Chunk flying on JL so there isnt much for them to add that was well received


Atlas rider looks good but need to see what buff combinations are possible once it’s expert. Moreover, can we have less crafting scrolls and red shards in the prizes down the line and instead get more elemental shards and bullhorns?


You STILL have the season rewards based around castle ownership which is a stagnant measure and does not reflect actual activity or prowess in atlas.
Really not happy with this.
Rewards for the pets only.


I agree. The way the season “rank” is determined is pathetic. The very design of the Atlas map means that some teams that basically never DO anything in Atlas are rewarded simply because they were gifted real estate by their benefactors. Hang on… in some situations I know they were actually purchased. With $$.

So, PG, why are you perpetuating the shameful pandering?

It would be sooooo much easier to change the rank to be based on team glory earned. That would be more appropriate. And, IMHO, would help achieve your desire to encourage actual combat and movement in Atlas.

I would bet the balance of power would change too…


Lmao zero changes to VP (not like I care). Entire discussion on revamp was a major waste.

Is there any chance the defense primarch glory buff is going to happen or that is also cancelled?

As dumb as these rankings are, the prizes suck anyways unless you’re at the very tippy top, and even then the cost to be that high compared to the reward sucks. until rewards change, I don’t think how they do this really matters

edit: I’ll backtrack on that a bit, I think you should actually have to do a thing or two to get rewards. looking at the rankings there are some teams that will be getting rewards that literally do nothing ever, and that is a shame