Atlas Lotusblossom mini-Season Discussion Thread

Please discuss the Atlas Lotusblossom mini-Season here. Thanks for bearing with us while development progresses in time for land shuffle to debut in the Atlas Sunscorch Season in July.

So to clarify, we are getting a mini atlas season which is the beginning of the actual season? There won’t be a new rider or it’s branch, but all the other things will be changed?

How long this “mini season” will continue?

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Damn, I was hoping we’d get offensive HP mythic gear again since Summer should have offensive Atk. If this is a Lotusbloom mini season then it stands to reason the mythic gear should be the same as what the full Lotusbloom had.

I think we’ve hand enough rounds that all 8 pieces should just be included and we can pick if we want an Atk or HP piece.


Is there a reduction in prize costs since the season is 66 percent shorter than normal?

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Atlas Lotusbloom Season (Full) => Atlas Lotusblossom Season (mini) => Atlas Sunscorch Season (Full)

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Can you tell us which Offensive and Defensive mythic gear pieces the Sunscorch season will have? Will it still follow the pattern of HP > ATK > HP and we’ll only have the 6 weeks to get this round of the rotation in the mini season OR will it be the same as what’s in this mini season? (ie offensive HP > ATK > ATK)
Because knowing that is going to determine how hard I push in this mini season

Disappointed there’s no portrait. :sob:


any chance the first 2 weeks gonna be double glory again. tnx


@PGEggToken Since the name of the season will stay the same, will the current badges held at end of season tomorrow carry over to the new mini season?

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These will most likely do a fliparoo back to what the current Lotusbloom season has.

Since this is the first–and probably the only–shortened season we’ll have, we’ll need to monitor how everyone’s progressing though the season. The word on double glory is: maybe if it’s needed. Even so, it’s not likely to be such a prolonged period like 2 weeks because we received a lot of feedback that it created some stressful situations for some.

The mini-season is the Lotusblossom season. There will be different badges, so no. No carryover.

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The mini season is a very bad idea. It destroys the cadence and provides yet another unfair advantage to whales.

The land shuffle is an even worse idea. It eliminates shard regions, makes a team easier to completely conquer and limits your ability to deploy across the map or travel efficiently. AND… in a few months, lots of castles will be taken, destroying the cluster concept anyway.

This is just dumb. PG is hell bent to ship something no matter how badly it sucks. They’re starting it off with a ridiculous Kingdom Wars with the Wallet Season and following up with the Land Kerfluffle.


Darn, misread it. Thank you.

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So Sunscorch will most likely be the same as Lotusbloom? Meaning if you need offensive ATK pieces for your mythic set then you’d better get a move on during the mini season?

It also created fun situations for others. If it’s so stressful then only do it during the pvp events and let people go out into NML to get their double glory… yes… NML


@PGEggToken any word on a new tier of Primarchs? Another 6 weeks without any primarchs to level would really, really suck. The Primarch event is again going to end at about 4K points for me for the 3rd or 4th time now otherwise.


Why no portrait? :neutral_face:


They probably didnt have time to make one since their previous plan was just to extend the regular spring season

Shame, was looking forward to one like the Inquisitor. Favorite Atlas season portrait by far.

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No, he said there wont be a rider branch

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How was the double glory stressful for some? It be good to understand the reasoning and which groups.

Most of us in the middle of the pack were able to get just a little bit further thankfully due to that double glory. Now removing that and reducing the available period makes it nearly impossible. Plus you’re going to start the mythic prizing be the same as the previous season, well that really tells that there’s no interest in the that category of player.