Atlas Lotusblossom Season Extension & Dragon Rider Discussion

Please discuss the announcement to extend the Atlas mini-season here.

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Oooh that rider. I wants.



The season will be extended correct?

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It’s a design goal. Apparently

That rider is sexy i will get in within 3 hours

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@PGEggToken to make up for the lost glory as many of us sat out this season to rebuild, do you think you could possibly give us a “double glory weekend” or something so we can catch up?


Since many people haven’t been active in the season so far because they figured it would be a mini season, you really should do at least some double glory to give people a chance to get back into it. Plus with all of the Atlas issues, and lag that have been occurring recently I don’t think anyone would would complain if PG did something ‘good’ for once.


Don’t you think this deserves a message to all players? I read only 10% are here inside the community and this really impact players plans.

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On the complete flip side of those who haven’t done anything, what about those who spent a lot of time and bullhorns reviving troops to get as much glory as possible to finish the season in a month? Lot of people pushed hard to get as far as possible, and it’s been quite expensive, for me at least, to make sure I stay on track to finish in the shorter season. The rider is pretty cheap so that means there will be over a month of glory hunting for people who are on track to max the season next week that will result in just atlas chests…which are basically worthless as they haven’t been updated in YEARS. Could we get some sort of extra branches as well? Like mystery branches so we at least have Something beneficial to spend our glory on? Include bull horns, gold packs and shards. It could be double the price for all I care lol, but I don’t want to spend a month claiming another 1k atlas chests that will give me almost nothing.


Would really love if they did this and I’m sure everyone would to as it’s been really expensive to finish almost everything in a month. @PGEggToken is there any way this could happen?

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So we are talking about 23% HP, 14% attack and 8% rage … or vice-versa 23% attack, 14% HP and 8% rage

Sorry have no time to read whole thread, but the animated portrait will still be in the mythic gears branch right? What happens to the players who already claimed those, will the portrait be added inventory?


By now you should know the BS that comes with changes from PG. didn’t play atlas cuz season was short … their was plenty of time to get 1 mythic line done

Give us atleast one week of double glory ,for those who had to sit out this short season to catch up
Add more prizes for those who rushed to finish the season @PGEggToken

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Xandra reminds me of a pre-vampire version of Zorin Blitz from the Hellsing series

It’ll be interesting to see what skills we can actually get for her. No matter what though she’s going on Naja… Poor Suresh, he didnt last long

We’re extremely hesitant on any double glory approaches to adjusting progression, especially not for simply opting out of participating in the season thusfar. However, we’ll have a few more details to share about the Dragon Rider branch once those pass testing, and I anticipate that it should be fairly good news!


i hope rider doesnt dissapoint us cuz im holding blue shards for quite a while for this rider

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This rider vs Sophia or anja? Opinions?