Atlas Lotusblossom Season Extension & Dragon Rider Discussion

So we are talking about 23% HP, 14% attack and 8% rage … or vice-versa 23% attack, 14% HP and 8% rage

Sorry have no time to read whole thread, but the animated portrait will still be in the mythic gears branch right? What happens to the players who already claimed those, will the portrait be added inventory?


By now you should know the BS that comes with changes from PG. didn’t play atlas cuz season was short … their was plenty of time to get 1 mythic line done

Give us atleast one week of double glory ,for those who had to sit out this short season to catch up
Add more prizes for those who rushed to finish the season @PGEggToken

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Xandra reminds me of a pre-vampire version of Zorin Blitz from the Hellsing series

It’ll be interesting to see what skills we can actually get for her. No matter what though she’s going on Naja… Poor Suresh, he didnt last long

We’re extremely hesitant on any double glory approaches to adjusting progression, especially not for simply opting out of participating in the season thusfar. However, we’ll have a few more details to share about the Dragon Rider branch once those pass testing, and I anticipate that it should be fairly good news!


i hope rider doesnt dissapoint us cuz im holding blue shards for quite a while for this rider

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This rider vs Sophia or anja? Opinions?

Couldn’t agree more with Odin … just completed both mythic branches after expending a lot of time effort and rss including horns gold packs and diamonds reviving troops constantly in and out of troop events … think you should add additional branches too besides just a rider …not fair to double a season arbitrarily to those that put the work in


Well this makes this atlas season waste for me. Didn’t care much coz it was a short season now I won’t have time to catch up even I cared :joy: with no double glory there no way to catch up for me . That’s lotus blossom down the loo for me :toilet: :joy:

Hopefully next season will be a full season since start not a short season followed by extension like this one🤞🏼

Fall we await ! :fallen_leaf::maple_leaf:

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That’s a pretty cool rider


I decided to try to get one mythic set done instead of both with half a season. So it probably won’t do me any good, but Odin is on point with what he said. Maybe add extra prize only branches only after you have completed all other branches so that the people who did go nuts trying to finish everything in half the time have something to look forward to. Probably a good way to do it going forward anyway since the atlas chests are pretty weak.


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For once I thought that active players would have an advantage over others. I guess that was to much to ask for. This is disappointing to say the least.


Nah, it’ll be a continuation of the summer season, fall is out of the season rotation just like King of The Hill or Feeding or well anything fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a screenshot of the actual tree? So we can get an idea of the max stats for different dragon types?

I appreciate you not rushing to completely break atlas as it seems that is par for any update currently…
This is such BS… this was a wasted part season to begin with and now your going to push out a rider and make it a full season? I trust this guy is at least purchased with regular atlas rider currency? Throw up a poll to find out how many of us slacked getting glory due to the half season nonsense.

Do you actually plan development further out than the next release and perform risk assessments for major changes/releases? This whole atlas land reshuffle plan feels like it was planned out on a napkin at a party where everyone was highly intoxicated.

Risk assessment would have told you doing a half season was the highest risk scenario to make you look bad and irk your already frustrated user base.

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The tree is on the original post. It has a chart of all the stats, levels, costs, etc.

I imagine that as soon as it gets to the hunter/sorcerer/invoker/warrior that it branches off into 4 lines before merging back into 1 or 2.

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That’s not the skill tree, that’s just a list of all her skills. The tree will show us what skills she can actually get with the skill points she has

Rider looks cool. I’d like to get it. And I’d agree with others that it’d be good to have some mini-branches that offered purely resources like bullhorns, gold packs, and shards and such, though.

And I’m 100% in favor of extending the season. While those who are sufficiently Atlas-active, and who have had enough time in Atlas to accumulate sizable troop stockpiles (or lots of opportunities for guard swaps), have reached their seasonal goals, I would estimate that most Platinum players have not.

By extending the season, and adding more things for glory to buy, the newer players can still get some of what they wanted to out of Atlas, and the more veteran Atlas players can still benefit.

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