Atlas map revisions

So does anyone know if there is going to be a new map, new land added to the map, an attempt at a shuffle again in the near future? I’ve heard rumors, but couldn’t find anything recently posted. Thank you.

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They will try….then people will cry


Rumours have started to come around again, but I haven’t seen any physical post, but tbh it would need to be done now and not wait until next season, I think a lot of players are ready for some sort of change to hopefully bring some sort of fairness or balance to atlas


Haven’t we been waiting for balance to come to atlas for years now?

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Yes we have… since before atlas was released we were asking for balance :joy:

PGs response was to make gear 4x stronger than it was to make it a necessity, while ignoring reasonable request made by those they selected to “beta” test it,

So now I just sit back and laugh.


Bahahahhahahaha :rofl:
You can’t balance acquisition of defense as the core mechanic!
Don’t hold your breath we have been refining chess for arguably 6 thousand years and we still haven’t managed it Especially not in a long term game! :man_shrugging:
It’s just never gunna happen :crazy_face:

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This too… makes it hard to balance.

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Yep it puts the two major secondary mechanics into equilibrium
Our offensive and defensive attacking and defending mechanics.
And since the goal is defensive in nature burden of play is defensive the result is
24/7 defense
When the goal is offensive the burden of play shifts to offense and while still placing our mechanics into equilibrium it’s far easier to slow offensive escalation using tactics than it is to balance defensive acquisition :man_shrugging:
Simple as that :rofl:
And if your skilled at balance of the mechanics layout and with a good use of long term map based events and variety of other options a offensive tactical map can produce enough revenue to replace this faltering map!
Because the game would actually grow long term !:+1:

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cant cry if they dont got any lol

Not sure any of those things address any of atlas’ issues. It needs some huge changes but I don’t think those ones fix anything truly.

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