Atlas map suggestion

I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I think the building blocks for Atlas could look for any map change

This structure is a 37 hexagon block consisting of:-

  • 18 castles
  • 10 Safe Zones
  • 9 No Mans Land

Every castle within the Hex has a path to every other castle and there are 6 access points from NML, meaning for every 18 castles there are 6 access, a 1 in 3 ratio.

No castle is more than 2 bubbles deep.

This shape can be replicated ad infinitum to create a map consisting of these 18 castle structures, e.g.

Also, these Hexes could be used as landscaping, so pick a Hex of Water or a Hex of mountain, OR a Hex of field, to try and create some changes in the map and actually make it look more like a map.

By doing this, you can cluster 5TAs together on adjacent hexes , if required.

It also maintains consistency throughout the whole map and there are no deep pockets of castles that are inaccessible.

I think it would probably be fair, to those with fewer than 3 castles, that the ratio of 1 access in every 3 castles is rounded up, so any team with fewer than 3 castles doesn’t get an access castle.

I’m aware that not everyone agrees with the shuffle but I think by applying this logic, at least the map would look good and the issue around deep castles would be solved.


Absolutely will solve the access distribution issues i wholeheartedly endorse this suggestion lol
Mainly because it solves pgs issues with theses tactically unsound castles in regards to distribution and it’s so evenly laid out it will result in almost instant stagnation!!

Which will clearly show no matter how well you balance a map based on tactical acquisition it will only result in stagnation :rofl:
I absolutely commend you on your effort to balance this flawed maps access distribution it’s very well done and very balanced it’s a perfect example of how degradation can not be stopped :crazy_face::facepunch::sunglasses:

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If I am reading this correct you are proposing 6/18 exposed castles which is 33.33 % exposure , that’d be ok for me tbh . I would start with 25% myself .

Second this is a very fix design in number of castles . What will happen to extra castles ? I dont see them fitting there . Lets say a 5ta holds an average of 23 castles which is a total of 115 castles , 108 would fit in your pattern but 7 will not .

Third there are teams with less castles than 20 or 18 which makes this design hard to fix .

Their released design was ok ,it needs small tweaks and will work just fine .


Hmmmm, I’m not sure - what’s to say that once randomised, we won’t get discrepancies of access again? :thinking: And how exactly are you thinking for teams to be placed? One team taking up the entire block if they have 18 castles? Have it sharded in groups of 3 castles? (so 6 teams in the same hexagon, 3 castles each)

Looks interesting, but I’m curious if PG can achieve that concept technic-wise.

It wouldn’t be balanced anyway .

Any of the individual hexagons can be filled in with Safe Zone/NML/Countryside/Water to accommodate smaller castle numbers

That’s what would give the map a unique feel since each TA area would be slightly different.


Absolutely LOVE the map! @PGGalileo cough cough (not the rona)