Atlas mine glitches

Have your teams check your mine runs! Before and after none of you are getting the right amounts and some of you may no longer be paying taxes anymore. These things all hurt our teams and us as individual players and pg doesn’t care. They wont care unless we as players take a stand. We are being forced to do double the work or spend diamonds/money on something we shouldnt have to and aren’t even being offered compensation for this nonsense were just being told have a nice day were looking into it. And are aware of the complaints. All of you are being affected i have spoken to ten atlas teams and all of their players are reporting the same after i made them aware of this. EVERYONE needs to file complaints and flood the developers with complaints about this so we get a resolution and or compensation. Dont let them keep walking all over us we pay their bills not the other way around!!!

Atlas is glitchy overall again. Primarch keeps “jumping” around and although I am at a portal it tells me I can’t use it. You have to wait and time the “jumps” just right and first click “move now” and then straight after select “use”


Stop breaking it then -___-

I haven’t yet… but I’m close :rage:

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We’ll investigate why the gold bonus seems to say one thing on the button and another in the results.

The Primarch jumping around has also come to our attention and a hot fix is coming momentarily (it was just approved).

@Nocturum The problem is that you are attacking a mine in the safe zone. Your gold bonus only applies when attacking mines outside the same zone (NMLs are okay). The UI is incorrectly telling you how much gold you would get if you were outside the safe zone. We’ll get this fixed. (PS. On the tax front, note that taxes are only charged if your home is not in the safe zone and your home castle’s tax rate is nonzero).

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Out of topic,sorry!(
Can we,please fix the glitch with gold which will disappear after building any amount of troops and will give you only 1 troop
I just had it again 3 times one by one
Lost 1,6m gold total
And get 3 troops :expressionless::cold_sweat:

restart the game and it should give back the gold.

It only deduct your gold by 233

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No,I restarted few times,before I wrote here)
Unfortunately nothing (

you sure you recorded how many gold you had?

Its possible that you only have like 500k gold and used 500k gold 3 times making you believe that you had 1.5m gold.

You can always send a ticket to support so they can take a look how much gold you had before you revived your troop by 1.

Yes,I’m absolutely sure
I’ve been going to donate to bank,then decided to revive troops ,but each time I had that glitch (
Ya,it’s ok,I can get more gold
But it’s really annoying (

may be a dumb question but are u attacking the goldmine and/or poachers in the safe zone?

sorry. havent checked youe response. Just saw the “showed gold” is in Safezone area and there he would get cutted on his loot. at least i found this out once :grin:

Sir i have two prime archs one on sinners as seen in one of my screenshots above and some thing happens no matter what mine i hit the guild mine or the safe zone mine. I will state that it happens less when i hit the guild mine but the difference is so minor i dont adjust where i hit. but it still happens nonetheless. So safezone or not ityour mines are glitched

Both safe zone and team mine same results

I’m just sitting here thinking… 322k troops at that base, and I need glory.

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Hmm, that definitely looks buggy. Is that level 2 mine by the “Sinners” castle?

Yes sir it is the coordinates are seen in the screenshot

Yes sir it is the coordinates are seen in the screenshot. Zoomed out shot clicked on mine shot then after run shot

Im going to delete this last post since it has my guild info if you need me to repost ill do so with cordinates blacked out