Atlas mini event scores

Event like the current event poacher wipeout only shows the teammates individual scores it does not show the individual scores going towards the team rank victory points
can we not have a team scoreboard showing who has scored what for the team points would make seeing the slackers a lot easier

@PGJared @PGDave


It’s a team event. Example Even if i did 100 atks on 100 different poachers and they left without been killed it would be 0 pts. So it really doesn’t matter.

Agree with u

And @EmpiresBeast u can still check who hit the poachers if u view the details from every single Poacher

i am not checking 30 areas almost 90 poachers to see who has and has not hit
if there score registered its just a case of looking at a points list

You want to check on them but don’t want to have the work lol.

The “poacher bonus” notification is back and only pops up if you took part in killing that poacher. This means that there already is a system of tracking individual participation, all we need is a visual representation of that.

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Although the info pop up could be less cryptic IMO. Would be nice if it showed how many crafting materials I get from this omnious 5% bonus.

Exactly :joy::joy:

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