Atlas Monuments Unkillable


Sorry for not posting this under the Atlas area. I seem to have read access in there, but I’m not able to post? If someone could move this that would be great! (@PGDave)

Many of the monuments in Atlas are almost impossible to kill. I can do it with my warriors but not with my sorcerers- even the super strong ones. Why are they so much harder to kill than the monuments in the regular game? Please fix this. It’s costing us chests.

Thank you.

Atlas sorcerer bug

The team is aware of the issues with sorcerers (I use Kinnarus heavily and so see it first-hand too) and is working on improving the new battle map. It might be a few more iterations before it’s as solid as the main map, but it’s definitely top of mind and getting attention.

PS. I’ve updated the permissions on your forum account. It should be automatic if you access the forums from inside the game after you get access to Atlas, though it might take a little time sometimes.


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