Atlas “mystery bottom”


Does anyone know what the 3rd button from the top does? I’ve checked and unchecked it numerous times and can’t figure out its function? :woman_shrugging:t3:


The one that isn’t show in your photo?


The forum limits image size, so it has to be clicked to see the full image :see_no_evil:

The one that looks like an iOS switch toggles the map display. If you’re on a broken Atlas, it changes from blinding purple to a fairly normal looking rendering. If you’re on a working Atlas, I don’t know - maybe it hides ownership colors :woman_shrugging:


It toggles the ownership color borders on the lands.

If you zoom all the way out you should be able to see it clearly, the land changes colors based on ownership vs resource type.
If you zoom in on a border between continents (tiles) you can see the visual lines be removed.


Duplicate thread. Other thread has been answered.


I see dis

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Can be discussed here

[Atlas “mystery button”]