Atlas navigation bug

Is there any way I can get an extra 24 hours put onto my free atlas elite week? Over the past 24 hours I’ve made the discovery that my atlas navigation button is bugged. As soon as I click it the app basically starts a random timer before it crashes - anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes so far that I’ve noticed which carries over between both game modes (atlas and normal war dragons). (I can exit the app before it fully loads atlas files and reload the game but still end up with the same problem)

Deleting and redownloading doesn’t solve the issue it just makes normal war dragons not crash until I hit the atlas button again so I’ve been avoiding atlas altogether as much as possible, every now and then I get one attack in build some troops before it starts the crashing and then I delete and redownload so I can play the normal game again without it crashing frequently and randomly.

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