Atlas needs to change and the game needs to change FOR THE BETTER

Hey Guys, I know I never ever post in the forums and quite frankly I think most of you are too set in your ways for the game to change in a meaningful way because too many of you are sitting fat and happy or you are sitting on the other side thinking about quitting because well lets be honest the game is becoming stale and stagnant. But anyhow, the game needs to change. Here is a working doc I want the communities feedback. Thanks!

Current Issues:

  1. Major/Large Alliances
  2. Political and Geographical Stagnation
  3. Lack of Incentives
  4. Learning/Catch-Up Curve too Steep

Stage 1 (End of current Season format):

  • Platinum (and any lower ranked) teams are removed from Atlas, and all infrastructure stored at no penalty.

  • A Training Grounds version of Atlas with automatically seeded 5TAs (5 Team Alliances) to be created for Platinum league. Each P1/P2 team has a Capital castle that can not be conquered, but can be bubbled. These capital castles will upgrade/downgrade based on which Platinum league a team is in. P3/P4 teams will be relegated to a neutral zone that functions identically to Atlas. There should also be a few patches of No Man’s Land for them to fight outside of the castle battles. The current Atlas map would be excellent for this purpose, only castle levels and functions would need to be adjusted, assuming there are enough castles to cover each team in P1/P2 as well as extra castles for those on the S3 wait list. If a castle is not in use, it should have a bubble up.

  1. Level 0 castle (Level 2 with no upgrades to infrastructure) for P2 teams. 40k needed to bubble.
  2. Level 1 castle (Level 2 with a single upgrade to Bank/Fort/Refinery/etc.) for P1 teams. 60k needed to bubble.
  3. Level 2 castle (Identical to Atlas) for teams that have advanced to Sapphire and applied for the waiting list, this infrastructure can be upgraded the same as a level 2 castle in Atlas, and upon embarking into Atlas at the start of a new season or when selected from the top of the waiting list, the infrastructure will be packed up with no penalty to be used in Atlas.

This will allow teams who aren’t quite up to Sapphire readiness to not fall behind as far as they are now. It will give them the ability to grind some gold and shards for a leg up on troops and gear as they fight their way up, as well as reduce the learning curve of Atlas in a more forgiving environment.

Right now there’s a major drop-off in Atlas resources for anyone without access to atlas, and even jumping right into Atlas as a new Sapphire team and being forced to sit in the neutral zone for months trying to catch up doesn’t provide any meaningful way to gain footing against opponents who have already had access to Atlas before your team.

With the proposed Atlas season structure and the addition of a Training Grounds, we believe it will soften that disadvantage some and give players an environment to learn the basics of Atlas before being tossed into the fray of an Atlas season.

  • Any new or returning Sapphire teams would be put on a first-come, first-served waiting list (no more applying, this is automatic,) and have to wait to jump into Atlas until:
  1. A current Atlas team disbands and/or is knocked down to Platinum in league rank, leaving an open spot in a faction to be filled by a newly arriving Sapphire team.


  1. A new Atlas season begins
  • New guidelines for how teams are maintained and are “disbanded” to prevent team hijacking and circumventing the wait list.
  1. Atlas teams can not accept more than 10 new players in a 7 day period.
  2. Atlas teams that drop below 40/50 players or go 3 days without a full roster (40-49/50) should immediately have Atlas access revoked and all castles turned over to Gustav, as if they failed to pay castle upkeep. A penalty to their infrastructure will be incurred, and it will be packed up so that they can pick it back up when they find themselves in the appropriate league to rejoin Atlas. All Primarchs will disappear from Atlas, Troops are sent back to the barracks, and Primarchs will need to be summoned again in the Training Grounds.

If the team is salvaged by filling back up to 50/50 and by staying in/moving back up to Sapphire within 7 days, they will be added onto the waiting list.

If a team does NOT fill back up to 50/50 at the end of 7 days, but remains in Sapphire league due to league ranking, a heavy league rank penalty should be applied as to knock the team to the back of P4. This should limit the timeframe an Atlas faction can remain below 10 teams, as well as prevent teams from holding onto Atlas privileges or selling them to a lower ranked team essentially letting them skip the steps necessary to access Atlas.

  1. Sapphire teams that are simply knocked out of Sapphire in normal circumstances (war losses and/or poor event placement) will immediately have their infrastructure packed up with a slight penalty to infrastructure and have their castles overturned to Gustav. All troops are sent to the barracks and Primarchs will disappear from Atlas and need to be resummoned in the Training Grounds.

Stage 2 (Beginning of the new Season format):

  • 5x 10-Team Alliances (Factions) - Seeded based on atlas rank position, and then every 50 teams beyond that is used to break up the next groups of factions. This will be done immediately after all faction and team prizes for the previous season have been received, the sooner during the (week long) season break the better, shooting for 1-3 days after a season to give the new factions time to get acquainted. This happens EVERY season to break up factions and reduce any lingering alliances during the next season.


Faction 1 = 1-50-6-45-11-40-16-35-21-30

Faction 2 = 2-49-7-44-12-39-17-34-22-29

Faction 3 = 3-48-8-43-13-38-18-33-23-28

Faction 4 = 4-47-9-42-14-37-19-32-24-27

Faction 5 = 5-46-10-41-15-36-20-31-25-26

  • All Infrastructure packed up without penalties at the end of the last Atlas season of the format currently in place. This will happen every season moving forward. All castles will be reset under Gustav’s control and free to conquer. There will be a set amount of Guards & Primarchs placed on each of The Blackblood’s castles (determined by the castle level) at the beginning of each season

This will allow teams who have spent untold resources on infrastructure to not feel cheated out of timers/gold/diamonds spent upgrading their castles and give them an advantage in the next season. The goal here is not to penalize teams who have already carved out these advantages over the last few years in Atlas and will allow a smoother and more appropriate transition to the new system.

  • Atlas Seasons will be broken up into 3 seasons (4 months length minus a week in between) instead of the 4 seasons we have now, removing the extremely loose (namesake) link to event seasons and giving them their own identity and their own map. No Atlas season will reuse a previously used layout, this will prevent factions from having any advantage over each other (outside of the preview stage) based on knowledge of castle locations upon the start of a season.

This new faction format will sharply reduce the incentive to work with other factions to create major alliances, as it will not be in the best interest of any factions to work outside of itself or for other factions outside of short term or light operations. Additionally, with the freedom of choice that comes with locked factions, it would be difficult to convince all 10 teams in a faction to abide by any agreements with other factions unless everyone was already onboard - but again, the incentive to help other factions outside your own will ultimately be significantly curved by the chase for faction prizing, even if small goals can be accomplished by working together with other factions.

  • Castles and infrastructure from the previous season will remain in place during the week-long break between seasons, and shields will be up at this time with no PvP allowed even in NML. This is done to allow teams to re/build troops for the upcoming season and initial land-grab.

  • During the first half of the last day of the break (based on the war clock,) all castle infrastructure will be packed up with no penalty, with all castles handed over to Gustav and The Blackbloods. Atlas will become accessible in a somewhat view-only setting.

  1. Each team will have a home castle in the neutral zone where they will be allowed to summon in Primarchs, and the payouts here from beasts (unlimited beasts, with the same waning multiplayer payouts) will match that of a team’s highest level castles at the end of the last season, and shard types will be consistent with the castles of those levels. Again, this is done so that teams can continue grinding and training troops for the start of the season and see limited downtime of Atlas Elite.

For example, if a team owned 3 level 4’s (Dark, Ice, Fire) as their highest level castles the season prior, the beasts on this neutral castle would reward shards (randomly) as all of these types at a rate based on the bonuses they had when all infrastructure was packed up.

  1. Teams will not be able to move their primarchs from their home castle, and should be shuffled around the Neutral zone so that factions are less likely to be condensed prior to the start of the new season.
  2. Teams will be able to preview the map for the first 12 hours to come up with plans of attack for their team and faction for the coming land-grab.
  • Land-Grab! Exactly as was done when the Atlas map was expanded, upon the start of the season all movement restrictions will be lifted and “home castles” will be reverted to normal neutral zone castles. At this point, teams will be let loose upon the new seasonal Atlas map, knocking out Gustav and fighting other teams/factions for control of Atlas.

Gustav Castles:

L5 = 1M Guards, Level 400 Primarchs @ 40k Troops

  • 2 Taunters, 4 Trappers, 4 Destroyers
  • 90% Glory

L4 = 750k Guards, Level 350 Primarchs @ 30k Troops

  • 2 Taunters, 4 Trappers, 4 Destroyers
  • 80% Glory

L3 = 500k Guards, Level 300 Primarchs @ 20k Troops

  • 1 Taunter, 4 Trappers, 2 Destroyers
  • 70% Glory

L2 = 250k Guards, Level 250 Primarchs @ 20k Troops

  • 1 Taunter, 2 Trappers, 2 Destroyers
  • 60% Glory

If a team loses a castle to Gustav by failing to pay upkeep or being removed from Atlas by being knocked out, these Primarchs and Guards will move back in with him.

Stage 3 (New Season Format):

  • Atlas seasons will be broken down into 4 quarters. During the initial quarter of a season, a team can only hold 35 castles total. Each quarter will be marked with a hefty faction prize based on faction ranking and an additional 5 castles able to be conquered by each team, up to 50 during the last quarter of a season. The final quarter faction prize should be much more significant than the first 3 checkpoint prizes.

Faction prizes should include Crafting Shards/Scrolls, Gold Packs, Bullhorns, Rider Shards, & Diamonds. Conversely, they could simply be a set amount of Atlas Chests + Diamonds to randomize these prizes.

  • Team’s individual ranking are currently and will remain limited by their top 20 castles, as such, the total number of castles held [by level] will be limited to 25.

  • The passage function will be removed, and only team’s within a faction will be able to move between faction castles with no delay.

  • There are no faction leaders and no team can be kicked from a faction. This should serve as an incentive for each team within a faction to work together and come to a compromise in any disagreements as their faction ranking/prizing will be based off of the faction’s rank. This means faction rank prizing should be substantial enough at each level to be fought for and strengthen the camaraderie needed to pursue higher faction ranks by doing well together and not leaving any team behind.

  • With the new Atlas maps being based on 275 teams, there should still be room for teams to be locked out of castle ownership based on total available castles. Based on 275 teams:

9625 Castles = 275 teams x 35 castles during 1st qtr.

1375 Castles = Total quarterly increase across teams.

13750 Castles = 275 teams x 50 castles during 4th qtr.

Therefore the total number of available castles across new Atlas maps should be:

8250 to reflect 275 teams x 30 castles.

L2 = 5000

L3 = 3650

L4 = 500

L5 = 200

This means that if 165 teams found themselves owning 50 castles, 110 teams would have no ownership of castles. This is an extremely unlikely if not impossible scenario based on all of the changes proposed here, and most teams would likely have at least 1 castle under their ownership and based on the available number of castles, the top teams would all likely be able to claim at least one level 5 as opposed to the way many of these castles are currently held by a single team and it’s close allies.

  • At the end of a season, any infrastructure left in storage will incur a slight penalty to begin the next season.

Stage 4 (Additional Changes):

  • With the limitation of Atlas to Sapphire and introduction of the Training Grounds to Platinum, alongside the many calls for better payouts to truly incentivize wars - We are proposing increased token payouts across all leagues, as well as a handful of a single additional, randomly chosen prize of timers, elemental embers, black pearls, or season sigils. This should keep the border of Platinum/Sapphire league in a state of fluctuation and release castles to Blackblood control throughout the season, as well as break up the stagnation we currently see in the league across the board. We believe league changes and castles changing hands should be a much more common occurrence, and incentives are the way to make that happen beyond the daily payouts and event prizing which thus far have proven to be less than motivating for the most part.

As it stands, there are a number of players and entire teams who prefer to stay in lower leagues than they are capable of playing in, simply so they don’t have to fight stronger teams and are essentially sandbagging. This has a lot to do with the current Large Alliance/Political structure of Atlas as well. For example, it’s not in the best interest of some teams to move up out of D2 to D1 for example, as one side typically holds about 20 teams there at any given time.

  • Limit Wars in Platinum/Sapphire/Diamond to 4 Offensive and 4 Defensive wars per week. This will buffer teams from being ganged up on (excessively) by factions should a team find themselves in a subdivision with many enemies, as well as give them some room to make up for losses before rankings are settled for the week.

  • Daily Bounty Harbor prizes to increase based on league. Further incentive to move up and shake up league standings.

  • NML zones should have levels reflective of Castle levels (NML levels 2-5) with beasts that require higher levels of hunting power than we currently see in zones that we own castles in, meaning that farming these beasts should require handfuls of troops on Primarchs of increasing tier

For example, 5-10k troops on a max level bronze tier Primarch to farm the beasts in L2 NML, up to 5-10k troops on a Silver 2 Primarch to farm L5 NML beasts.

  • Change Shard types on beasts in NML to “Rainbow” meaning that beasts will drop a random shard type, and with the increased difficulty/risk, should drop substantially more shards, up to the same or similar level of a castle reflective of NML level with a max team bonus from Refineries.

  • Reduce the token costs of Abyssal Lineage dragons to the cost or slightly above the cost of Empyreans upon release, use this as the format for all future lineage releases. You are destroying end-game viability and competition by ramping up costs by 60% to the point where many current end-tier players themselves will not be able to keep up, let alone any new players having a hope of catching up. End-Game token income is not enough to sustain this kind of increase, and the data you have on it has grossly miscalculated or ignored entirely the amount of packs that some players have spent building their bases and have built up stockpiles of tokens as a side-effect of an excessive amount of Gold Chests.

  • Add a drop down button within the Primarchs tab of a Castle menu for large battles where a player may have multiple Primarchs available to attack with to reduce the likelihood/excuses for hitting with the wrong Primarch from this screen. This will allow a player to make sure they have the correct Primarch selected for an attack from this screen instead of relying on having selected the correct Primarch prior to entering this menu.

  • The Marshall will be able to be used for any level castle to replace default castle guard bases - however, it will not reflect Gear, Runes, or Research.

  • An in-flight warning that the target Primarch has been killed or that our own Primarch has been killed so we can leave the flight and try again? There’s nothing more frustrating than attempting 20 hits during a raid, having none of them count, and instead being cleared from a castle yourself while you’re hitting someone who is no longer there.

  • Atlas Replays.


With these changes, we believe the issues presented will be resolved, as well as creating a much more inclusive and competitive environment with less stagnation and toxicity. To protect the integrity and longevity of WarDragons, a game we all love and are passionate about, we implore you to take a look at implementing these changes in their entirety as many of them are reliant on one another to form a cohesive structure, as well as addressing some economy concerns through hard work and competition. Otherwise, we fear high level & long-standing players/community members will continue to leave the game due to one or all of these problems.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


so if you have in p2 a castle that cant be conquered, but bubbled, why should you do prims or guards on that castle?

I think that there should be a cap on the number of troops to make it fairer in the game , say 400,000.
That way it’s the fight in the person, not the number of troops to win easily

What does having a cap on troops achieve?


well we already have a limit with the hospital.


So many teams move from and to sapphire every week. I think this would make more of a mess than it would fix.
And, no offense, but I have a hard time believing diamonds spend a lot of time worrying about how unfair Atlas is to newbies, so I’m curious about how you foresee this making life better for you up there in the leagues that wouldn’t lose the castles they worked so hard for.

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You want to fix Atlas… start looking at the untouchable mega alliance

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Yeah, that’s a hard no.

Everyone wants to “fix” Atlas for their benefit, screw everyone else.

You want to fix Atlas? How about PG stop it with the random BS and glory parties with their pals and, I dunno, give main game a reliable and realistic way to farm shards and scrolls to craft and upgrade gear, which was promised months ago. Then, as far as I’m concerned, Atlas doesn’t exist and you can have it for you and your upper league snobs. I mean come on, only Sapphire and up can actually “participate”? :roll_eyes:

Edit - and OP, your post mentions “we”, who is “we” in your context?

And another edit - You do realize the platinum and below teams that have Atlas actually outnumber the elite classes of society, right? That’s a lot of players that have spent a lot of money suddenly turning off that source of revenue for PG. There’d be no point for anyone on that massive amount of teams even buying Atlas elite anymore, much less spending on any of the other Atlas packs.


I think in the case of training grounds there would need to be an incentive to purchase guards, because what you’re saying makes sense. Maybe make it so that bubbles can’t be dropped, and during the bubble period - beasts only give half gold/shards? If you have less guards than can be used to bubble, your castle is bubbled until the correct amount of guards have been purchased.

There’s definitely ways to incentivize teams to keep their castles protected, even if this isn’t the way.

Why should Platinum level teams be booted from Atlas?? Sapphire teams bounce between P1 to S3 pretty frequently. What would that accomplish? Nothing. Platinums play as hard and spend on elite just like sapphire and diamond teams do. I would be pretty upset after keeping elite up month after month just to have that removed. Can we just ban people from sitting in NML with one troop? So annoying


Those people are probably farming shards…so no we can’t ban them

Just my two cents, of this was ever implemented as a member of a team who frequently goes from P1-S3 this would make me quit.

Why would those of us in Platinum lose our Atlas access for “training grounds” when we’re out there fighting too?

This sounds rather elitist in it’s writing.


I’d be interested in what the Platinum teams in OP’s megaalliance have to say about it :man_shrugging:



And as you mentioned, I’m curious as to who “we” are as stated in OP’s post is.


Very curious. This reeks of megaalliance musings that are tired of being a megaalliance. Just my 2 cents. (No, I’m no longer affiliated with any alliance. Only have Atlas until Sam gets mad at me and boots me :joy::rofl::see_no_evil:)


Doubt it as I see the same people for hours on end just sitting. I’m a pretty active hunter. It’s not just people flying for shards

I don’t think it was ever promised by PG that teams without Atlas would have a reliable way to build/upgrade their gear. They appear to have done what they were going to do for the main game in this regard already. If you read the entire proposal you can see that this was addressed in terms of War rewards, and I don’t think anyone is opposed to what you’re asking for as far as shards/scrolls for lesser leagues - because no one is blind to the drop-off of those resources outside of Atlas and the disparities it causes.

You’d still want Atlas elite in the training grounds, and you’d be much more apt to try to war your way up to Sapphire at least to be a part of the competition.

And those teams that bounce around on the edge would be constantly be in and out of the season. The truth is that Platinum should have never been added to Atlas, which is evident already based on how many of them populate the neutral zone or are holding castles simply because they are allied to stronger teams and nobody wants the 50% GP for evicting them. They are a filler if anything, and there’s a reason why the starting point for Atlas has been bumped up to Sapphire.

It wasn’t? You might wanna exercise the search function. It was mentioned several times about “adding new and more ways” to obtain mats in main game, for those without Atlas. Of course, as usual, PG has failed to deliver.

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I think the only thing about this proposal I would change would be the 3-7 day periods in which Atlas teams have to complete their rosters. Tying it to the already in place league changes (Tuesdays) in some way would make it more fluid. Other than that it seems pretty well thought out.

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Ya, Id have to disagree. The difference between lower D2 teams S1-3 and P1 teams really are not that dramatic. People sandbag all the time and D2 is so tight many are 1 war away from D1 or S1. I am sure other leagues are similar.