[Atlas] New Atlas Event: Training Camp! - Official Discussion Thread

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What are your Initial thoughts on the new event?
  • Can’t wait to try it out! (Positive)
  • It seems fine (Neutral)
  • Not a big fan of it (Negative)

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Nothing for primarchs? I am aaaaalllll okay with that


I don’t like the idea of 3 events in one even if it’s good for points it’s literally the definition of a thrown off schedule though I barely have any schedules and I’m all over the place…

You can do one of them and spare the rest in a time out of the event

So does this mean primarch leveling event will be no more?


I hope so, shouldn’t have to hold your prims back for events


We discussed the problems with removing Primarch training before when Fight for Glory was introduced. But I suppose I will respond in the approved format.

  1. Upgrading primarchs is too expensive. Even lower level primarchs cost more gold to upgrade than most lower level players can store.
  2. Players spend diamonds to cover the shorted amount of gold. An advantage of Primarch Training for growing players is that we could get some diamonds back for upgrading primarchs during PRT, thus reducing the cost.
  3. Either dramatically reduce the cost of training primarchs or add the ability for us to earn event points from leveling primarchs to Training Camp event.

I like it. A variety of ways to get points makes the game less of a chore during pvp which is pretty droll in and of itself.

Don’t worry you either won’t get an answer, It will be vague, or as usual will be subject to change at a moments notice. Hope that helps.


Didn’t even think to remove prim leveling, but I think this is very good! Now implement suggestion #10 and reduce the dang gold costs :slight_smile:

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So basically rider/crafting event. Seems ok.

What will be done to encourage competition at endgame?

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It says .185 event points per crafting crystal used. Is this true or is it a typo and it really gives 185 points?

.185 is correct. That’s for 1 crafting shard.

Which means 5.41 shards for 1 point. Which is a step up from 4.48 shards for 1 point previously.



Good that we don’t need to hold back gear so much if stopping at max: 750k/0.185=4m is a big improvement over 520k/0.223=2.3m. I know a lot disagree with this: in a competitive game, I like this increase is max even if prizes aren’t increased.

Disappointed there is nothing for levelling prims after holding them back for so long.


Since the point requirements for each prize have been increased from gear crafting have the prizes also been increased? We’ve been asking for additional prize brackets to be added on the existing ones for gear crafting, not for the finish line to be moved without additional prizes being added. Ie prize 31, 32, ect

  • Since prime leveling is once again gone, will there be any adjustments made to the leveling times and gold cost for leveling up primes? If there is no longer an event to earn diamonds for it then the leveling time for primes should be removed and the gold costs should be cut significantly

  • So only shards will give points for leveling/hiring riders, not glory? If that’s the case then I wont bother waiting to level a rider

Im definitely glad to see gear back at every other week but this doesn’t seem like much of a change/improvement over what we had previously. You’re still going to have the lower levels complaining about not getting points for leveling their primes and they’ll probably struggle if there are no diamonds for them to earn (unless leveling costs and times are reduced as I mentioned above).

Honestly, I feel like this was a bit anti-climatic. I don’t know, I was expecting a bit more than basically just gear leveling but now with rider shards too :woman_shrugging:t3: :man_shrugging:t4: So far I give is a B- unless there are more prizes in each point achievement


So basically u would only get points for HIRING
A rider that’s stupid what happen to the glory we use to use to level atlas riders ?
Basically it’s still a crafting event becuz not every gets riders

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How does this new rotation and ability to gain diamonds weekly compare to the old rotation?

No change in troop events, now essentially gear is back to normal rotation (though with a higher shard cost to max), so only glory event vs prime event is the major change.

To do well in prime event you had to hold back your primes/riders, and come up with an INSANE amount of gold. To do well in glory event you just need to kill. Now, killing takes troops, but hats/gold have been reduced for building troops. So no need for massive amounts of gold all at once, and nothing aside from your activity holding you back from earning lots of diamonds every week. And by earning glory for the glory event you should earn more crafting shards to still max that event.

Seems easier to both spread gold needs out for continuous prime upgrades as well as easier to earn diamonds consistently. Unless you dont kill in Atlas, in which case, your missing the point.

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@PGGalileo can we have confirmation that nothing in future will be added as for point for trainning primarch?