Atlas - no country for casual play

Atlas is not working for me.
Raiding castles is way too much work and require specific log-in times and to be on line for hours.
This is not something I want from a mobile phone game.
Glory hunting is frustrating and unpredictable and it feels like to only way to obtain stuff from the Atlas season lines.
Recent changes did not provide more shards or gold or better prizes, actually I get less for the same amount of time spent grinding. Team has lvl2 castle.

This is not a rant, just my personal experience.

I cant avoid Atlas, I need the gear, and the gems for riders. (I care for the 4/5 star egg mission)
Maybe its time to move on and look for another game addiction
My 2 cents

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Gold league is the country for casual play, really.

This kinda contradics the whole casual thing? WD is anything but casual, but it works fine for an addiction…


Are castles required to have Atlas basic advantages? No.


It depends on what you consider the basic advantages to be.

So you want the benefits of being competitive for the effort of casual?

Candies need crushing and villes need farming, they may just be calling your name.


Atlas loads but every time I try to attack targets game cuts out reloaded game prob persists could it be coz I have iPad 2

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Any ideas what to try next

so…you like what you are getting, but you don’t want to work for it…so ya, find another game sweetie. candy crush still in last I heard.


Dude, I almost spit out my coffee. That was great. :rofl:


I feel like sometimes some people forget there is a life outside war dragons. Some people actually have jobs that don’t let them play while working, for example. Let’s not even mention family or friends.
It is a game, but if you think about it, it is designed to have you busy all day long, and even at night.
This is not healthy.

No need to be mean with someone that just wishes this game was actually a game instead of the most engaging thing in your day…

@Draxxer1 uninstall and get free. It feels good.


There are a few games that are meant to be played only for a few minutes daily, but MMORPG has never been one of them.

And it may be new to you, but War Dragons is MMORPG to my best knowledge.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the G in MMORPG still stands for “game” and not for “Gsecondjob”

it is not being mean, what is the point coming to here and vent? you don’t like the game, delete and move on. Its a team game, anybody grows to be above level 100 should know the aspect of this game. Also she wants shit but don’t want to work for it, then gtfo LMAO, and don’t say its just a game, you cant use your value on others, almost the same just telling people “its just a cat/dog”.


Lol I hear you. I just think there could have been a better way of replying.
And I also think this game is TOO demanding.
But of course, you should perform some actions in order to achieve some gains, that’s not in question.

Still don’t think this game is healthy though.

If it’s just a game for you, then just play it at your own pace, nothing’s mandatory. But then don’t complain, judge or vent. Just stay quiet and play whenever it suits you.

If you find a game more appealing, and want to be competitive, enjoy your progress and work with your fellows as a team, then work as a team, and enjoy the game together.

**edit: you= generally anyone, not Ritu herself.

It’s not about me, no need to get aggressive :woman_shrugging: This is exactly what I was talking about.

And if it is not just a game for you, maybe there is some issue, because it actually is just a game.


Guys guys guys no need to get all savage about this.

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savage is the nature of the game Mech LMAO

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I’m not aggressive, and “you” is the general subject, not only you, as Ritu.

Then I am sorry if I misunderstood :slight_smile:

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