Atlas - No Man Lands (NML)

Curious what everyone else thinks about the NML area since recent changes… here is my problem. I feel that lower ranked teams can actually bully the higher ranking teams in the NML… here is why.

Today, my team (Currently Rank #6), was in the Chaos NML working on the poachers for the event. There was another team there, rank #116 and S2, so we set up on an unoccupied garrison to start our event attacks. We had zero intention of attacking the other team at this point and even if we did, the payout would of been 1% - 8% GP only, not worth it at all. This team didn’t cause us any issues though so wasn’t a problem.

Along comes another team that is also in D1 with us, but currently ranked #65 in Atlas. A couple of players on that team decided to post up on our garrison which stopped our ability to attack poachers. They also proceeded to attack us, which is completely fine, it’s a war game. This is where I find bullshit happening though…

My team basically had to waste troops for crap glory (<30% depending on who the player was) on ANOTHER D1 team, because they decided to post up on the garrison and attack us. I don’t see how that’s fair we can’t even wipe them out from attacking us, without taking a HUGE penalty on glory earned for troops lost.

I couldn’t even image how bad it would of been if that first team above mentioned, decided to do the same thing. We would of got 1% glory trying to resolve the situation by wiping them out. How is it fair a low ranking team (low ranking teams have very higher level players) can walk into NML and attack us, but if we return the favor we just basically suicide troops for nothing.

I think the NML needs to be changed to a free for all zone, no % of glory. You either man up and enter the NML or you stay out. I support the idea behind the ratios to help avoid stronger teams wiping out weaker teams territories, but I don’t think that should apply to NML. The way it currently is a lower ranking team can just come and get glory and prevent teams from attacking, without much of a risk of retaliation.

Even if you didn’t make all NML a free for all, but changed them based on their teirs to keep certain ranking teams more concentrated in certain areas?

Tier 2 - ratio applies?
Tier 3 - 50% ratio applies?
Tier 4/5 - Enter at your own risk, 100% glory?



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Yeah I think the team ranking portion that determines the % glory you get is wayyyyyy overweighted. I keep running in not people twice my level that I couldn’t defeat anyway (I’m 150) but if they hit me they get good glory points. This sucks. :face_vomiting:

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In case you are not aware. When you are at your own castle, or at an allied castle you get 100% glory regardless of what player level or team rank the opponent is. If you are aggressing on a weak teams territory that is when you will get hit on the glory amounts.

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But… OP… is talking about… No Man’s Land…

How is this relevant to that?

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Did you respond to the wrong thread? :rofl:

I was referring to the frustration of not being able to get 100% glory against an opponent twice my level on a “weak” team, while this same person can steamroll my base at their leisure and get 100% easily because their team rank is significantly lower than mine.

I appreciate the intention of the new glory mechanics. However, in practice it is very frustrating to not be able to compete on a level playing field against a much more powerful individual because of team rank.

The weighting of glory points in regards to team rank needs to seriously be looked at.

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I do think that team influence should play a role, but the bell curve of 6 teams on either side is just silly. This band definitely needs to be widened as opposed to the level curve which is OK as it is.
Both can definitely mount on top of each other with the caveat that these bell curves extent past the 100% mark on the correct sides to make up for any drastically low amount on the other curve and just cap it at 100% if it runs over.

ie #1
L200 v L300 (150% glory)
Inf 60000 v Inf 80000 (150% glory)
= 100% glory earned due to cap

L300 v L200 (50% glory)
Inf 60000 v Inf 80000 (150% glory)
= 75% glory

L200 V L300 (150% glory)
Inf 80000 v Inf 60000 (50% glory)
= 75% glory

This way it would balance the occasions where low level/high inf player was vs a high level/low inf player. Cap it at 200% glory and 10% glory or whatever on the ends of the curve, and a hard cap of 100% no matter if it goes above, but i definitely believe that one should partially offset the other.


Team influence shouldn’t even be a factor!

It should always be player Vs player.

Why should a lvl 400 on low ranked team get max GP vs a 200-300 on a D1 team???

Why if I’m hitting 20-30-50 levels above mine be punished for actually hitting upwards???

But if I go find some folks 20-50-100 levels below my current level on a “high influence team” I can farm them for GP??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Wait… that just gave me an idea!
GP farming yeah!!! That’s the ticket! :man_facepalming:t3::unamused:

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I DO think Team Rank should influence some? or else could you not just run a low level alt backed by one of the dragons with the new bullshit 80% buff?

If theyre on a high influence team they should probably be ready for that…as a team. In general the GP scaling is off a bit…but I guess you almost have to look at season 1 as a throw away “beta”?

So you’re saying give them time it will be fixed :upside_down_face:

haha I would NEVER say that time is the constraint.

Well, with some teams “sandbagging” in lower leagues… that have higher level players this is a type of reward for that behavior isn’t it?

And isn’t the goal to discourage that in the name of “fair play” ?

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