Atlas no man's land pros & cons

If me and a other player swap in no man’s land what are the benefits to both parties only con is GLORY THOTS that interrupt me and the other party swap

Was told I’d the other player is a enemy team they don’t get a benefit and neither does them, I just want to know is this true?

If you setup at a SZ thats very close to NML that should reduce gatecrashers.

It’s best to load 15,001 or slightly more troops so that if a gatecrasher rocks up they cant kill more than a few troops (loading up with 3-4 hits 45,000-60,000) troops will encourage gate crashers.

Reload troops after each hit and pick slightly different NML co ords each time to prevent API position locks from bots.

If somone does hit you and you fly back to SZ don’t reload troops until they complete the hit, you will lose fresh troops loaded even if they were not on your prim when you were attacked.

Anyone that attacks you will get glory based on the standard criteria.

Main drawback to NML is revive rate for the attacker if they use 2-3 dragons to ensure both players max glory.


That’s how we both did it with any prim 15k a set up after swap we both load up 15k and do it again

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Isn’t using bots like that a banable offense?

No, in fact PG made an API specifically able to do things like that.


I have a friend that does that load his prim to Max go to no man’s land and wait for a glory thot to bite and he moves away just to piss them off it was effective and funny too

Until he looks away for a second and looses 15K troops.

I’m sorry but you don’t live in a bubble where people won’t attack your prim in NML.

Or gets trapped and loses 200k troops :smiling_imp:

Play with fire, get burned.


He just hangs around no man land doing that I told him the exact same thing you just said