Atlas No Rules team with a difference

Looking for active glory hungry players wanting something different… we currently have no castles… looking for a group who wants the freedom of no rules in atlas who still wanna play together as a team… u are free to do as u plse but there will be certain times that castles will be targeted as a group… best of both worlds… would suit alts or players jus wanting to have fun… If we get a big enough team we will consider getting castles but for now that’s not our goal :smiling_imp: message me in game for details :heart:

:roll_eyes: Do you mind posting the team name?

I wonder how that gona work for your team in the future, if your team first being a bully team with no rules, and hit teams with castles, while they can’t hunt your teams castles.
And after a while you wanna go for castles and wanna hold them… :grimacing:

Who said anything about being a bully team lol… and how is it any different from any other team that already owns castles :face_with_monocle: unless u sit on ur hands all day I’d assume u are hitting other people’s castles :joy:


might wanna put the team name somewhere :wink:

Teams SUKZ2BEU… we won’t be a BULLY team… we will be a active fun no rules team… anyone showing signs of bullying, farming or causing drama will be removed… Message Bean :v: Thanks everyone

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But how does it get seen as when you gona have a glory party on castles, while those teams can’t hit you back as you got no castles.

They can kill our prims… how is that not an even battle… I jus don’t need the headache of castles… why u making this out to be something it’s not… or more difficult than it needs to be… Fun, No politics, JOIN… fullstop… not ur thing…? Carry on with ur day lol…

Was thinking the same thing when I read it :joy:

I am just wondering how the community thinks about your tactic.
If all fair and square, I will follow you with a own team.

No rules, it wont take too long till home castles are in safe zone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s a teams choice to have castles or not… to live with politics or live without… but I see your trying to get ‘community support’ to push ur issue… so who’s the bully now…?

I dont really see the issue with this. Not every team wants to deal with the BS politics of atlas. If that means not having a castles then meh. Honestly since my team lost ours atlas is more injoyable and gory is far easier to get. The only real downside is not having a bank to store gold in if you get an atlas elite so you need to either use it or send it off. Not a huge issue though since we have diamonds coming out of every orifice and you basically recover anything you use except maybe during prime leveling events.

The issue I see is that this is an inactive team with 6 people on it. Seems like it would be better to just join a struggling team with atlas and help them recover


Thats a rule. What if my alt wants to be a bully…

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Good luck sweetie​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: miss you lots​:purple_heart::black_heart:
And me and king have our alts if you need to gap fill🖤

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