Atlas Noob - worth upgrading seagazer perch to put def rider on expert Mehaten?

So, now that I have atlas and a shiny new, albeit low-level defensive rider, is it worth upgrading my seagazer perch from 25 to 31 during this fort so I can put my expert mehaten on for the “mythic” boost to my farms?

Or should I just stick with the plan of first five offensive towers? I didn’t want to open up an old thread and beyond seeing that perches now don’t effect whole base, yada, yada, I don’t know if it’s worth it. Guessing probably not.

I’m 223 flying emeralds and halfway to breeding Storm. Maxed farms, lvl 52 dark flak but other first four only in the mid 40’s.

5 level upgrade won’t over level your base. Perch rider with effective gear are way to go as it impacts not only perch island but also home island near to incubator.

a defender rider is very important!!! Look at the skills you learn over time. No reason to take any hit in atlas without getting all the benefits your can.

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Apophet might be a better dragon to perch bc there aren’t a lot of fire dragons between here and harb, but there are a ton of dark dragons

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Do it!

Defensive rider w mythic dragon on 30 or higher perch is great! Wait til you start getting legendary gear… :exploding_head:

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I never flew “meathead” other than to get him to expert. Because I did icicle path he was a backbreed and two levels behind my current tier of dragons so always seemed weak comparatively. I was thinking the warrior added more HP to my maxed farms (which is really all that would be impacted by this).

I still use apophet even though now nightfall just doesn’t do anything if I let rage drop. But hey, it doesn’t grey out anymore.


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My thoughts for this depend on your layout

If you are doing a micro base setup, level it to 30, put a sorcerer on there, equip your defense rider and all gear

If you are doing a typical farm on short with middle long as your defense area, your seagazer perch would only be used to buff your farm hp. Currently I’m using the warrior Atlas rider and will have Mehaten with Fire gear that give HP and resource buffs (helm, chest, pants, shield and ring).
In this arrangement use your defense specific rider on the riverwatch perch to buff your main defense towers more appropriately

I don’t have river watch but do have the middle long as my defense area. I could always store everything after the farms, since they are just there because I built them and put my defense on that home island and leave farms and red mage as first tower.

I’d have to move my rage drain to last five on middle long and move all my tower runes though if I did this and not even sure it’s any good this way.

I was just thinking of buffing my farms like you said, which is why I questioned its worth. Thanks Sir

Hp buff is the greatest stat increase that majority(all) players will have the option to buff, however this does not always mean it is the best…even though i use warriors on both my perches i have been forging dark defensive gear for apophet on the side for mid base buff then mehaten for home turf that has the resource buildings…

Balance is key, if u got hp buff then u dont need to rely on more than 1 storm or ice turret…if u have attack or supershot buff then it beneficial to add another storm and ice to the layout for extra shielding.

Defender rider was my first atlas rider and been priority since day 1…very happy with results, the max construction reduction research has been more help than i could even explain here.

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Btw I forgot… welcome to Atlas! Saw you at Lamawira yesterday… lots ppl trading shots… thought you were gonna say “hello” to my rusher :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I didn’t want to drown it in my blood. Like a slaughter. Troops die quicker than train for sure.

Thanks for the welcome.


Well perches work in Atlas now, so defending is better now!

But yeah choose your battles carefully… sucks when someone does a 10:1 on you… least you can only lose 7.5k at a time now!

Woo atlas battle! Where I’ll come!

sure, once 12 hours to resummon my “destroyer” and train more troops.


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