Atlas....Not a level playing field


So yet again one of the big teams rolls through and indiscriminately takes out base after base for supposed event points…They can’t attack the top eight teams because they have a no hit deal with them… The strong get stronger… they had the advantage of ammassing weaker players ships… and time to build up superpowers…
We can’t even build a fort because there is no gold… not that that would stop them…The land is worthless…they don’t want it…

I’m finding atlas very disheartening at the moment :joy::joy:…Any plans in the pipeline to address the disparity of the haves and the have nots… between existing teams and the new entering or lower level teams?


Nope been this way the whole time. Strong teams have nothing to worry about. Platinum and sapphire teams will be at diamond leagues mercy. Well not all of them but most. PG will say get an alliance to survive make friends.


brought this up weeks ago. the gist of the reply was

  1. spend alot and get stronger to even playing field
  2. move somewhere else and hide


Nowhere to hide from the big teams… they want it all…money can’t even do it, everything’s been nerfed from when the big teams go their power… not worth playing the way it is atm…


Why would they listen now? :expressionless:


Hi. No one, including “Big teams” can attack you in the neutral zone


Understood. But it’s like saying even if you’re sitting on the sideline of the field you should have fun.
Everyone wants to be on the field and participate 100%.


The problem I have seen is that things are just a bit too extreme…islands are fundamental to the game and yet…you can lose it in a matter of minutes and for most they can be very hard to hold. I get some of the ideas and parts of it can be great…one major issue is the incentive for the “big” teams to attack each other. There are no specific prizes for doing something a higher level or perhaps the ones right now are too low to get the job done? It is like saying, you can hit a diamond team or a gold team for what comes out to be the same reward…what would most people do?


why are u still saying
Time for excuse is over.
This is the game WarDragons.


have some empathy for the smaller new teams who are lost in atlas.:):roll_eyes:
We did not have the same opportunity to buy troops for 2 years like the original beta testers.
Put yourself in their shoes and imagine just starting atlas 2 weeks ago, im pretty sure you will vent your frustrations also.


We didn’t have two years


More like one year but that’s quite enough suffering thank you :joy:
I agree there’s a definite advantage for teams who were in the beta but that doesn’t mean we think things should be the way they are. I don’t blame anyone for using that advantage to the best of their ability though. That’s just playing the game. It’s hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows either. There’s been a lot of changes since the beta started and many of us lost progress by investing in features that were changed. I know I’ve caught the bad side of an update more than once :sweat_smile:

Really though a lot of us feel bad about you guys getting thrown in like this. And I think there ought to be something between hiding in neutral and being constantly vulnerable to a wipeout. We should see propotianately fewer annihilations once there’s more teams but it’s not gonna suck any less for the unlucky ones


Lol @YuuuneeeeZE

I’m most definitely not making excuses. I’m merely thinking about the future of WarDragons.

Any business can only grow and survive by getting new clients because old clients tend to leave at some point or another.

At this stage there isn’t much insensitives or at least a goal to spend and build something long lasting in Atlas because you can lose everything you’ve built for a year in a matter of minutes.


:innocent:Think he was speaking to Chops from Zen


sorry purple for troublesome.


There should have been a divide in the land when the new teams were brought in, these alliance offers are one sided but what else can a new team do? By doing this it is making the stronger stronger!!!
Doesn’t matter what league your players n the divide between new teams and beta teams is too great !!!


By divide i mean a few months keeping us separate so we could at least build some troops and get a feel for atlas before being thrown in. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the teams to retaliate if the ever become strong enough to do so. Kinda boring waiting for that to happen


No one can build and use the major features of Atlas in neutral zones. This reasoning is so poor, neutral zones do not adequately allow small teams to build and be competitive.

I am fortunate to be part of a very good team who work hard and have bases which can be defended. I really feel so sorry for sapphire teams without a “big” starting in Atlas, you are asking them to climb a mountain without shoes. Sure they might be able to establish a base in an unpopular area and put a lot of resources into it. The current setup encourages a situation where the island(s) get smashed in an hour, forcing the team back to the joyful neutral zone because someone in an established team gets bored and has a month of troops to use. Please tell me how many times you think 50 people can go through that and not have someone get upset and frustrated at the waste of effort and stunting their growth.

I don’t blame the established teams (of which I guess all of diamond is now) for wanting to crush smaller teams. It’s hard enough for the enormous number of people trying to build glory and level primarchs without breaking alliances etc., to not take “soft targets”, which the current system allows. I freely admit that it is likely I will consider doing exactly this myself to earn prizes. There should be some form of protection for newer teams or less incentive for unbalanced “soft target” attacks. I realise this not an easy proposal with a quick fix, but some constructive dialogue would be appreciated rather than “if you are not competitive, don’t use this part of the game”.


Agree… let’s face it war dragons doesn’t start in diamond, how many people would stay and enjoy the game if they began in diamond…


Offchops, what’s ur point?
I can’t help thinking u still always say excuses…
be smart and think about Atlas carefully.:man_shrugging:
How about BWAB.
they are new too, but they never say excuses…
that’s different from Zen🤷‍♂️