Atlas not open the platinum III

Help me …atlas not open to my account…and my account team the platinum III

If your team does not have atlas at the moment then they won’t have it until they hit sapphire.

That’s just how it is due to the learning curve.

If your in an atlas team and don’t have it that’s a whole different issue

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I don’t think learning has anything to do with it.


I strongly disagree that it has nothing to Do with it. I have personally seen many individuals quit due to them not grasping atlas. The initial jump can be very confusing and the tutorial does not cover everything well. How to move, what prims do, what stats mean, how they work together, the fact that you deal more damage and take less when you have more troops, castles, buildings, resources, diamonds and more. There is a lot of stuff that just isn’t used elsewhere.

It’s a lot to take in at the start. And that’s before politics, hit lists, planned attacks, passage, and managing bubbles and the rest. Actually making use of the mechanics and planning ahead.

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OKey and thanks your info

Does your team have atlas?

If they do and you are not able to access it, what level are you

Yes, all you say is true, but being Sapphire doesn’t make someone auto-magically deal with Atlas challenges better. Sure, having a stronger team helps, but plenty of Platinum teams that received Atlas in the Plat rollout are doing just fine.


Thing is plat 4 is still full of people who barely know what’s going on in the main game yet, have very little team cohesion, and are generally fairly bewildered already. Adding Atlas on top of that is probably not the best thing.

Personally, I think P1 would be the better cutoff. It’s still quite doable to get there even without the advantages of Atlas, but at the same time a mostly clueless group of beginners isn’t going to stumble thereby accident. I think teams that have the stability and in-game skills to break into P1 will generally be able to handle Atlas if they choose to go for it.

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But it does mean they are “more likely” to be a stronger or more skilled player. And they are more likely to be able to manage.

I’m not saying I think sapphire is the right cutoff point. I’m just saying it’s the reason for a cutoff point. And with atlas there should be a cutoff point somewhere.

Ok, this is sheer speculation, but I think the reason has to do with with resources. They are having issues scaling Atlas, and probably analyzed the various tiers to see who was buying Atlas elite. Sapphire almost by definition has spenders, or at least those who are 400 and up are spenders, and most of them reside in the Sapphire/Diamond tiers. I’m guessing the percentage of Atlas elite buyers is much lower in Plat. So why rollout to new Plat teams, increase their load/demand, for a small increase in revenues?

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