Atlas notifications ignoring settings

This is something that has been massively bothering me for months now but there isn’t a solution as far as I am aware.

I have my atlas, and virtually all other notifications bar one, turned off. However war dragons seems to ignore that when it comes to atlas. During any sort of combat, I end up with literally hundreds of notifications blowing my phone up. Anyone got a solution for this? If not can this be looked into please.

Best option is to probably send a ticket.

Leave the team and join a less active atlas team if you arent that atlas savyy

Go to settings. Scroll down to Notifications. Turn off Atlas Notifications. Also make sure you have invite to attack and invite to defend off.

If it is all in chats, well then make sure chat notification is off. Teams will @group a lot in chats during battles.

If that doesn’t work, submit a ticket and go through the usual troubleshooting.

Excuse me? At what point did I say I wasn’t atlas savvy? Not sure where exactly you are getting that idea from.

I’ve been an officer in a top 100 atlas team, running double digit castles, ran multiple videos teaching people how to atlas, including glory calculations, how make yourself unappealing to targets during multiple metas. Hell that top 100 team I helped take from entry during the lottery to owning levels 4s before they became dangerous if they were accessible

I am VERY aware of atlas and how it functions. Hell I am not even sure what atlas savviness has to do with a straightforward technical issue?

My issue is this. My settings say my notifications are OFF. I am aware of how to turn them off and I have done so. In fact here

One settings screenshot.

So unless PG has decided to make a button that does nothing, and also decide to put a true button in a place that isn’t the settings, it isn’t user error.

my notifications bar chat are off. I have now posted a screenshot above to show my notification settings. All off bar chat.

These aren’t chat notifications either. They read “your castle x is under attack by player y”. It’s 100% an atlas notification.

Considering I havent gotten those in a long time, something is missing. My suggestion, logout under account. Uninstall the game (if on android delete your cache and data first to wipe everything off), then reinstall. A file may have gotten corrupted somewhere.

Here is my settings, and I dont get attack banner notifications even when offline. I marked the possible causes for it though.

Not that this helps, but I believe you only get that notification when someone is hitting your castle guards on a T4 or T5.


That might be the case. Does that override the notifications? It’s kinda tough being on a job and having your phone blowing up

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