Atlas - One Click Heads Up Display (HUD)

Firstly I can’t draw so pretend this ugly picture is pretty :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind if we had 1 click HUDs. Basically you click a non 5ta castle and this pops up :-

On the left it shows the prims at the castle

4 boxes, Taunter, Trapper, Destroyer, Seiger

It should list # of troops on the prim. The player level, the defence power of the prim and the glory percentage.

From here you should be able click and attack without having to mess around in the castle screen.

On the right hand side - castle details.

The tier. How many troops you need on your prim to hit CG. Glory of enemy. Number of CG on the castle and troop count of the prims.

This would be a nice QoL change for me anyway

Tbh I am not even sure whey we need to click into a castle. The load screen is so slow!

Edit : CG should read 2mm / 3mm
Edit 2 : numbers are all made up

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So this sounds like checking a castle infrastructure but more work for pg.
Personally I’m fine with how it is now


Very interesting idea. I agree that some of the ui could be updated, but I think displaying all primarchs on a hud would be insane for clutter.

What happens when there are more than 10 primarchs?
What happens when there are multiple teams?


I like the idea, Zamirathe is faster than me but I thought about the same problems.
It should show just castle owner primarchs and maybe just the first 3-5 each type.
Interesting from the perspective of an attacker


More complexity to a overly complex set of attack mechanics will not streamline combat on this map!
And while something of this nature would be nice.
I have to say this screams lag :man_shrugging:

How about we simplify the attacking mechanics so we don’t need a heads up display to make a simple attempt at coordination lol
If we want full scale battles we need streamlined attack mechanics so yes basically exactly the opposite of what we have!:rofl:


I agree 3 biggest in terms of troops is probably fine for each category.

I think the reason why the current attack is so slow is that the game needs to load the infrastructure graphics and the infra data.

I want to bypass all of that unnecessary lag. As an attacker I don’t care about the infra graphics. I also don’t care about the bonuses and that Joe Bloggs is the Marshal or that their upkeep is due in 4 days.

A simple data only UI would probably work.

And we can always let the player load into the castle if they want to so that they can pick a player not on the UI or a player on a different team that came to defend (5ta)

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Sorry that sounds boring :man_shrugging: Change my mind make it sound fun lol

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i would like that the order of the primark around the castle to change by order of troop counts.


Mate I am a programmer fun is not in my vocab :slight_smile:


That makes sense to me and leaves the player doing something


also how about marking one primark that you like to hit and its easier to find if you finish a hit and want to hit the same one

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Actually the lag doesn’t come from the graphics but I can see where you think that. Especially if you are on Android it is very slow to load anything.

How would this be any different than just tapping on one of the primarchs to hit instead of going through the castle details?


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Oh please, make that 21k taunt a button where I can tap and…

“are you sure you want to go in that castle and hit that primarch?”

Would save a lot of time!

I know I know… not really cool if you are defending that castle…


Because tapping on a primarch is instant.

( unless there is a major war going on )

Tapping on a castle gives me a loading wheel even with no fighting which can take a few seconds to 20 seconds or even no response in a big war.

If there is medium fighting and I load to a Castle I can see the graphic getting rendered pixel by pixel.

Its so slow sometimes that I can tell that the rectangle boxes are separate images pasted on top of the main background.

For some reason it seems heaps of images are getting called from the server rather than the client or they have a non standard method of calling images probably some sort of resource management technique.

If you test on a castle with 1 prim it is also instant going from infra screen to prim tab.

Goto a castle with 20 prims and its no longer instant it loads.

I think that proves that loading the infra screen, rendering it and pulling data like upkeep days is a terribly inefficient process from an attackers perspective.

Okay, considering my taunter is currently sitting on a memorial castle with 83 teams on it (and I don’t know how many primarchs Just found out, 270+), but the infrastructure page instant loads for me on my ipad this doesn’t count?

Is it because it is pvp that the lag suddenly disappears? I don’t think I’ve seen huge lag during pvp even when trying to stop a team from hiring guards come to think of it.

Is this an Android only thing? It takes my alt on my Android phone about 3 seconds to load into the details screen at the same castle, but the images inside load instantly at the moment. Again, everything loads slower on Android as it took me twice as long to even get into Atlas in the first place.

Hence my comment that it isn’t the images that are causing the lag, but I can see why as a programmer it is a thought that jumps to mind when the images load so slowly. Yet it doesn’t explain why they load fast for some, but not for others. I have not personally had an issue with the details page not loading on my ipad, but the buttons to attack and the glory not showing up has happened many a time over the past 6 months. If it was the images, this would affect a lot more people under lag both apple and android.

Again, I’m not saying this change couldn’t be useful for a good UI, but that I personally doubt this change would affect the lag in any way whatsoever. If it was that easy of a change to fix the lag, I think PG would have done that by now. They do like to make changes to the UI from time to time (looking at the chest screen in the event atm).


Negative. Too many other issues to address first. PG has made EVERY attempt to make atlas less stagnant And while some of the changes made sense, and some haven’t, the issue for me and most players I talk to is the lag while attacking. I’ve almost put my phone through a couple walls in the last week alone, because successful hit after hit doesn’t count while Our forces have the element of surprise, but then the unsuccessful attacks do.
I get the hurdles in the way, I do, but if you want more action, the game needs to be capable of supporting more action in a way the benefits the players being more active.

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Interesting idea… would be cool if the display was for the Prims that are on the castle but don’t show up in the graphic because they’re too many prims. Even just the owners or 5ta. Or the ability to attack thru the prim search feature when you’re on the corresponding castle.

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This would be awesome

In my view lag and loading UI are two different things that both cause performance issues.

Lag in in mmorg is the result of lots of clients communicating with the server at the same time and the server losing the ability to firstly update, validate and sequentially maintain the database and then secondly distribute those results back out to the clients.

A new UI won’t help with lag. That can be handled through instanced servers and or getting creative with database locks and or allowing multi threaded queues.

The other issue for the UI is the result of the client needing to recall and then present information.

On a client information like random teams castle number 4 banker is not known on your phone. It is only when you click on a castle that this data is pulled from the server and then consumed by your device.

I just think pulling this data is a waste of resources.

Ill check on the weekend with my ipad. ( I use my android phone during the week on the bus / train ) and my ipad on the weekend.

Ill check over my results over the impact of castle infra screen load + prims vs just prims.

Cheers for providing your results as well!