Atlas over conquering

Ok don’t know where else to put this, but large teams conquering “ gates” then leaving with no guards, or prims. Just grabbing for benefits of lots of castles. Maybe need vacancy rules, or minimum guards to be considered a “owned castle” for the benefits. They are cheating those who have worked hard to get off a gate, just to be forced into one again, just 2 hop gate now.

This is a feature that will probably be implemented soon
Also, low guard castles are extremely easy to take. Want them gone? Either don’t lose the castle, or kill like 2k guards and take it back


telling you this next time i take one of yours :joy:

I already get bullied enough tyvm

What are you talking about ? If you look at these castles they literally have no infra on them. Meaning the team wont get any benefit from holding it. Dont like gate conquered ? Conquer it yourself and hold it.

How about fixing the actual problem instead of adding layers upon layers upon layers of rules and penalties to regulate the behaviour that emerged AS A RESULT of the problem.

For the 1,598th time- they should make all castles 3bd (agree on whatever that number is) and voila- holding gate is no different to holding anything else.

Let me get this right. There are these “people” who “worked hard” to get off gates, but there should be these “other people” who presumably “dont work hard” and should put infra, guards and prims on gates to give glory to everyone else including these first type of people … that seems like a good deal.

I can tell you who else is cheating those people. Teams who bought or got gifted 5-10bd castles and never seen light of battle in their life. How come you dont mention they shouldnt be getting bonuses for sitting on castles that literaly never get hit ?


One thing I am seeing is teams conquering gates leaving empty, knowing the fact no one wants a gate due to constant attacks. They also use these as jump off locations to hit neighbors that they know they are not going to conquer, just harass. PG put out the new feature that if your castle is conquered your other castles may be further penalized. So conquering these vacant castles may hurt that team and relieve you of that neighbor, now you have to defend it to using RSS and most likely lose it again hurting your team. Ideal set up would be instead of all the mismatched teams owning castles in same area. Make it team lands, where you must own the gate and everything behind it. Defend your own land. Gate bubbles, free passage to hit next one. As you lose or bubbled castles, lose buffs for rest of castles and make harder for alliance to gain access to help defend, more realistic land battles that way. Just idea don’t judge lol

How about one castle or gate bubbled, the whole plate of castles bubbles too. It makes all neighbours to work together n protects? Would that be better?

Got bullied by him once but hey that’s not the topic but still that’s what Atlas feels like most the time.

If a team is not putting guards it’s most likely a pirate team, due to the update the odds are they will have to work harder for their castle but I do thinks it’s a little too penalizing because of what was stated about a month ago. Also you can’t really cheat at a game that can easily be exploited to another’s benefit, even if it is cheating the system people hop from castles to get to better glory now a days instead of bubbling said castle, if people do this you just need to get your head outta the clouds. If you don’t like what you see you either except it or do something about it.

:joy: No. That’d be just exploited.


Say you’re one of those players without saying you’re one of those players.

Lol, or a shell team from a certain unbeatable alliance and everyone is too scared to take it back. Atlas balance has always been problematic and PG doesn’t GAF

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