Atlas Performance Issues

Hi all, sorry for all the Atlas issues that have been happening since yesterday (Atlas icon/button missing, unable to connect, lagging/hanging, unable to train troops, etc.)! About 15 mins ago, the team just made an adjustment. Can those with Atlas please full-close and restart the game? Please let us know here if there are any specific issues that persist. Thanks!


Restarting is not resolving them . I am asked constantly to redownload atlas files over and over again . Yes I do have storage space , yes I have good wifi .

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I followed your instructions … I’m assuming this means it’s fixed? :rofl::rofl:


After restarting castles/primarchs are loading again. Before I could only see my Primarch at my castle but couldn’t load a random castle and it’s primarchs elsewhere in atlas.

Definitely an improvement. The real challenge is if moving 20 primarchs to hit a castle breaks atlas still by causing a 30 minute delay on battle results.

Atlas icon is not the only issue. One a number of restarts i have done for atlas i not only do not have the atlas icon but the event island is gone


It was working for me before (other than castles not drawing often). I’m afraid to relaunch now.

It’s working fine for me now. Thank you.

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Working for me. Restarted a few times, no issues with Atlas button showing or with castles populating as I scroll through the map. Can zoom in and out okay. Can attack beasts okay.

iOS in case it matters.


Working for me as well all what @Fragity said.
@DragonPunch can we expect the lag fixed too? Or is that a separate issue?

After a few hard quit and restarts, I could see more than just banners.

Won’t know about lag until PvP shields drop Monday night. Assuming it’s a separate issue.

They fixed it alright. Failed to set up Atlas around 15 times.

I logged out and went back to work with a different game running the background.
THAT one works. There ARE other options peeps. :slight_smile:

Can you try force closing WD, and reboot your device?

Should i buy new phone and new internet router also while on it?

Why? I just closed WD, opened 2 other apps and Hey PRESTO! I’m playing other games. They work. Low amount of bugs. ZERO sync errors. No “Failed to load.” I’m mining while I work on network designs and I’m happy.

I’ll look at WD after dinner. Maybe.


I was just trying to help! So you can buy what EVER the HELL you want!
If he doesn’t want to PLAY WD that’s on him.

Only did answer like that cause you sounded like support, no offense at all :hugs:

Mine got fixed too . Also in IOS if it matters .

Thanks all for replying. To those still seeing issues, we’re looking into your account and checking what’s going on. Pleas standby and please continue to update this thread for any changes.

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Unfortunately, lag is a separate issue that the team is already working on. I’m not quite sure when the ETA is is for that fix, but I believe once it’s been addressed, it’ll be mentioned in a future Release Notes post.

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THANK YOU for your update!