Atlas Platinum Expansion


Use this week to do gold runs then buy a ton of troops.
Don’t keep gold on yourself.
Do 1 run per hour and immediately purchase troops.
Do that 18 hours per day.

You will be way better off than everyone else was after their inception 1-2 weeks they had to build up troops, you now have the ability to gather 5x what we were.


And do not be afraid to spend a few speed-ups on troop building. You will get more than compensated in the Atlas event rewards.


KAMIKAZe to level those Prims


does the amount of raidable gold base on level like other resource? Like high level can not raid much out of low level


Long answer short, no.

Long answer:
You get multipliers similar to dragons, but they run from 30x down to 11x, then drop down to a continual 5x (used to be 1x until they changed it).
Atlas Elite gives you an extra 5x multiplier on all of your runs which is huge. You can toggle this in my spreadsheet.
Owning castles is the only way to increase your gold you earn per run. Upgrade your banks to get more gold on a % basis per run. If you don’t own castles, you will earn the base amount. Enter 0 in the spreadsheet in this case.
When you own castles, your leadership can choose to tax you as well to pay for upkeep and upgrades, this is subtracted automatically at the end of your run and you never see that gold into your storage, it goes straight to the team bank at your “home”.

Gold & Poacher Tables [download link, fill out your own info]


Despite of the gold issue this new atlas access is been a motivation for lots of teams to move up to platinum league. So question. Those who don’t be in platinum league or above for when the new entries be released can get atlas as soon as they reach platinum league???


or quit the current team and join a platinum team




If they are in platinum+ on July 17, 2018 then they will get access.

If they reach platinum after that, they will again have to wait for a new rollout to be added


If a team is in platinum when atlas is rolled out, gets atlas, and then later gets demoted to gold, do they keep atlas or lose it?

Thanks in advance :blush:


Once a team has access, it always has access and never loses it. Players leaving the team however lose access unless they move to another Atlas team


Thanks! I was wondering about that😃


No worries we can answer any questions you guys have :grinning:

Atlas is quite overwhelming when you first get it so there will be LOTS of confusion, teammates not wanting to participate and people getting frustrated when things don’t work properly.


I read the beginners guides that Red created and found that really useful to try to explain the basics to my team. I warned them about the big first time down load and the crashing issues I read about. Just excited to try it with the realistic expectation that it will also be a bloodbath :joy:


Thanks for all the help. it is overwhelming. But exciting at the same time. I hope I can do well there :joy:. I’m already learning watching videos. :books:


Where are the videos :face_with_monocle::grin:. I would love to check em out!


I’m confused :thinking: does this mean that players who have had atlas in the past but do not currently have it won’t get atlas elite for free for a week? Seeing as once you have atlas you usually don’t set up tutorial.


They are probably archived in Reds twitch channel :grinning:




Thank you! I will see what I can dig up :blush:. As always you are awesome help!!