Atlas politics really this bad?

So because I didn’t want to litter a team post with crap that doesn’t apply to the topic at hand which was that team recruiting, is it really a big of an issue if a team doesn’t want a castle and just decides to attack castles at random with no allies? I’ve seen passive aggressive threats being made to “pirate teams” and even open threats of in game farming every day until they disband. Have we gotten to the point where atlas politics are a “join us or die” thing? Is it really that big of a deal if a few players from this team hit you in atlas that it’s necessary to threaten them and bookmark them just for hitting a castle? This is a joke plain and simple. I get that no one likes losing a couple troops but it ain’t tragedy. Y’all be taking this game far too seriously.


If a team doesn’t have a castle, teams should just not retaliate and say Meh?

I think you’d risk wars by allies of the teams you were sniping as well that’s how I would handle it


Any game where you can pick who you attack and don’t attack has this kind of problem

It’s easier to convince, intimidate or persuade half the map not to attack you than it is to fight them all off. The fact that social aspects are hard to control and extremely effective.

I think most successful teams ignore or tell them to bring it for threats and posturing. You have to pick your battles because if you are easy to punish then some will throw around their weight because they were looking for an excuse to feel good about themself or to set an example.

But yeah politics are bad. I don’t think they need to be fun ending but atlas is definitely thicker in them than I wish it was


Doubt it has anything to do with politics. Retaliation for sniping is the norm. If the normal outlet for revenge (hitting back at the sniper’s castle) isn’t available, people need to turn to other means. If you don’t react to people killing your troops people tend to come back and/or tell their friends and you can start bleeding a more significant amount of troops very quickly

You avoid a lot of risk to yourself by not having a castle. Should risk to yourself be almost completely eliminated?


Hell if that was the case every team in atlas is at war. Plain and simple. There’s like 2 alliances that control 90% of the atlas world. 1 team hits team from other alliance and all hell broke loose. Maybe their 5TA, not the entire alliance

Though this is somewhat true, it’s nowhere near as extreme as atlas. Most of these games have kingdoms in which you have a couple big teams and generally 2 or 3 factions at war. NAP and allies list are generally quite short whereas in atlas, there’s a nuclear missile launch code level of secrecy to alliance lists and they go on forever to the point where you can’t just do a quick check before you hit, atlas should have kingdoms or something similar so it’s not just 1 mass scale alliance kiss each other’s a** fest

Unfortunately, there is a lot of that “you need to play the game how I play it or you’re wrong” mindset flying around. If you have a castle then you should expect it to get hit. If you have an access castle then you should expect it to be bubbled. If you leave your castle vulnerable with a couple of silver primes loaded up then dont whine when someone kills them. It doesnt matter if 10 teams do it once each or if 1 team does it 10 times. The result is the same. Atlas is about earning glory to use for the seasonal lines and you get it however you can.

People seem to take everything far too personally. If sniping is a problem then do something about it. You’re the team with the castle and presumably, you have allies to defend your castle. Other teams dont need to follow your rules.

Any team that has atlas has the right to play it however they feel like. There are many, many, many teams without castles. Some dont want them, some dont have the ability to take them. If their team is not hardcore into atlas then why would they bother going through everything to get a castle that would just end up getting taken by a bigger alliance? Do they not deserve to have atlas just because they dont choose to play into the politics like another team does?


Regardless of right or wrong, being on a castle and watching teams without castles randomly showing up and sniping you is frustrating. Most of the time you don’t have time to respond before the attacker has only brought enough troops to attack once or twice before they are destroyed. Combine this with the fact that you only get a 75% revive rate, and you end up with an agonizingly painful and frustrating process where the attacker shows up, attacks dies before you can really react, and boom you have permanently lost 25% of your troops oftentimes before you or your team can really do anything about it.

Combine that with the fact that they don’t have a castle, so you can’t actually fight with them, because their team is chilling on the neutral zone, and as a player you end up with this frustrating endless bleed of troops, with no actual way to fight back against the enemy. Its exhausting and demoralizing and absolutely frustrating to slowly lose the troops, and have absolutely nothing you can do beyond just slowly try to rebuild what you can, knowing that the next day the 12+ runs you did to try and rebuild all troops will get undone when another random teams decides to just waltz on over to your castle.

I mean if you don’t have atlas elite you simply can’t rebuild fast enough. I used to have over 120k troops at the start of the atlas season, and have now dropped down to somewhere around 75k troops. I can’t even build up enough gold to rebuild all of my revives during the troop training events. I still have something like 20k revives just sitting because I can’t get enough gold.

To put it another way, having a castle starts to turn your team into a glory farm for every castle less team on the map. While I understand there is risk in having a castle, its a horrible gaming experience to be on the receiving end of this constant dedicated farming from other teams.

I enjoy having battles over castles. Those are fun. Everyone bands together to fight off waves of attackers, its a really cool experience. Being hit by glory farmers is never fun, just frustrating.


Anybody see the movie The Purge where for 12 hours all crime is legal?

Imagine if once a month all the safe castles allowed battles for 12 hours.


If all is fair in love and war and atlas is sort of a free for all then I fail to see anything wrong. It is annoying yes but that is the price to pay for owning castles. While these teams may get glory this way I like to think of the immense benefits of castles such as eggs and the bank and so on.

I mean seriously, I get attacked by people 100 levels above me and I just do my best to make myself a painful target. It doesn’t always work but it sometimes does.

When teams get shelled by higher level teams the standard answer from the forums is … and I quote … “those who can’t defend their castles shouldn’t have them.”

So if you can’t withstand sniping from teams then you need to reconsider how you play atlas. Perhaps you can try to make yourself less of a target to the sniping. Otherwise I can’t really see what else you can do.

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I completely agree with this sentiment, but interestingly, the OP appears to believe this only applies to Atlas, and not the game as a whole. If the OP’s sole point is that players who are aggrieved from being hit at their castles should not react by uttering death threats, then count me in…I do not believe in such incivility. If, however, the OP is suggesting that whatever happens in Atlas should stay in Atlas, then that is something I fundamentally disagree with in circumstances where there is no alternative to obtain retribution.

A la Untouchables, our general motto is, “you snipe us, we’ll bubble you; you snipe more, we’ll take over your castle”. The sniping usually stops pretty quickly. I do not believe we’ve ever been sniped by a team without any castles (at least not with any regularity), but I can assure you, if we were, we would hit in game and drain the team’s resources until they stopped. I can promise, however, that it would not be preceded by a threat.


aIgnore the politics. Do what you want lol. Lack of a bank will hamper ur growth but there will be many glory opportunities because a team with no castles really has nothing to lose.

It seems like you don’t know about the workaround for atlas alliance rules. People change names and join one of the many auto-accept castleless atlas teams. They then proceed to snipe you. Then quit team, change names, and rejoin original team.

I’m really unsure what to make of this. I’ve been on a team with 2 castles all season and glory hunters don’t just hit us every 2 seconds like your post suggests. If you’re parking your sieger or silver taunters on your castle maybe that your problem but I’ve personally never had this problem and looking at the battle logs neither has anyone on my team.

I am on a pirate team and I love it. Others on my team have received threats of farming. I think you need to find the right pirate team. Not only do they need to not care about being farmed, they need to enjoy receiving threats. Share them on Line and laugh about them.

The truth is this, the people that issue the threats like “we will farm you until you disband” are too lazy to carry out the threat. They may get allies to help, but it just gets old. There are better uses of time.

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A couple of things. If it reads like I am being hit by glory hunters every two seconds, I apologize because I did not mean to imply that and that doesn’t happen. I can expect to get hit by glory hunters at about once a day, sometimes more. By the end of a week of average game play I will have usually lost about 30k troops or more to glory hunters. I know other members of my team don’t have it quite as bad as me. Not completely sure why. But its gotten so bad that I got the trapper boosts just to try and limit the amount of troops I am losing.

I mean the big problem with that much troop loss is that its really hard to recover if you aren’t paying for elite. I started with about 120k troops this season, and I haven’t been able to rebuild back to that since, because every week whatever I build back gets cut down again at a loss.

Second: How often your castle gets hit depends on your position. If the castle is an access castle (i.e. one next to NML or Neutral zones) it will get attacked a lot. If its next to an access castle it might get hit once in a blue moon (when attackers bubble the access castle). If its further in, it may never get attacked.

I mean sure, I am aware those teams exist and people do that. Not sure how it relates to my post since my problem isn’t that I need to get glory, but that people keep sniping my troops at a rate that makes rebuilding unsustainable. And my overall point is that while it is perfectly fair to glory snipe, its incredibly frustrating and demoralizing to be on the other end.

There is no doubt in my mind that the base rate for hat regeneration and gold mining is definitely too low. It’s one of the things that makes Atlas almost, not quite, but almost unplayable for non spenders. I’d personally like to see the gap between Atlas Elite and no Atlas Elite decreased, but that could jeopardize revenue streams, so as much as it’s needed imo, I’m not sure it is even on PG’s radar.

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If I am understanding correctly, your trapper is getting hit at your castle much more frequently than your teammates. If correct, some questions/comments for you to consider:

1.) How many troops do you normally have loaded? Particularly with an access castle you shouldn’t have more than a few thousand.

2.) Why isn’t there a taunter to direct these hits to? (there’s a thread on the forums about taunter strategy).

3.) Why can’t you go off-castle to rebuild and have your teammates pick up the slack?

4.) If it’s the same sniper regularly, have you tried banding your team together to farm the sniper’s team? With no bank, their gold is exposed.

5.) What are your castle’s coordinates? (jk)


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