Atlas - Portals Question

I have a question regarding portals. I know that they will spawn randomly all through out the map but some portals lead to Gustav Territory. Is this intended that the portals transport you to random locations like Gustav, neutral and PvP continents?

Thanks in advance.

Event portals spawn during PvP-focused events (events which give out progression prizes for earning glory). These portals always spawn in No Man’s Lands (NMLs) – the non-safe, unownable territories. The other kind of portal is the Team Portal which allows your team to connect any two castles you own.

For the pvp spawned ones, is it random spawning which comes and goes throughout the day? In this event which just ended we didn’t see any spawn in the no mans land we focused on, but perhaps it was while we away from the game.

The PvP ones only spawn during certain events (kill troops and the poacher events). Your team will get a portal to a NML that has portals to each of the other teams competing with you for team prizes during that event (usually 5 teams).

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