Atlas Prim Bonus Not Working


Has anyone else noticed that claiming the Primarch Atlas prizes aren’t actually boosting the stats like they did in previous seasons?

To cover the obvious, I did do a force reboot (that was customer service’s solution) it didn’t work.

Primarch Buffs not showing

Not working for anyone I claimed it more than 12 hours ago and still hasn’t taken effect


I’m guessing it’ll take 24 hours, I got mine just after event strait so I’ll see in like 6.5 hours



Hey All!

I’ve just gotten word from the Atlas team that this should currently be working now. Please force close and reopen for this to take effect.


Yay! Hard close and restart, deleted app and reinstalled, and look…still NOT WORKING!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I just force closed my iOS app, restarted and my app. My bronze level 15 trapper still shows 360 defense in neutral, but I have claimed 15% bonus. 360 is the no buff number, should be showing around 414.


Well darn. Alright, already brought it back to the team, and we’re looking into it further


Still not getting the season buff displayed.


Same. Finished the line 12hours ago


@xCloudZerox and @LordJamesXXI, please see my above response. We are already working on a resolution since the one that we put into place did not help everyone.


Myself and my leader also affected too. Hopefully the next fix works! :slight_smile:


No workie


Waited 12+ hour, force closed, no change


25 hours later still no buff


still not working for me either. completed line within hours of season start so over 24 hrs. kinda sucks as its costing me additional troop losses at this point… same problem with my trapper buff.


Update: I can see 15% active on mine, but I should have 25%.


Didn’t Squirrel say that anything claimed AFTER they fixed it would auto populate but anything claimed before then would have to be manually added?


I believe so.


Was that in the stream today?